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QuickBooks Error the File Exists Fix Now with Easy Steps

QuickBooks error file exists

QuickBooks error the file exists is an annoying technical nuisance that can cause a temporary disruption until resolved. Let’s dive into the information about the issue and ways to rectify it effectively.

The small and mid-sized business owners highly rely upon this software to run their business accounting efficiently. It also enables users to peek into their business insights accurately and make well-informed decisions to optimize the process. On the other hand, you might face multi-pronged technical challenges while using the software such as QuickBooks file exists error.

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Windows Error Message “The File Exists” – Description:

The file exists errors” or QuickBooks payroll update error “The file exists” is an unsettling error that may arise in the following instances-

  • When you are trying to download an update for Payroll service.
  • The file error may also occur while launching the state of federal forms.
  • QuickBooks the windows error was the file exists message can flash on the screen when you try to print from QuickBooks.
  • When you make payment for your scheduled liabilities and error occurs abruptly.

Consequently, you will see an QuickBooks the file exists message on the screen which says-

The specific file that you have requested cannot open. Confirm, if it is not used by some other program or a read-only file.”

To fix the QB file exists error, you have to know the possible causes that can evoke the error. Your inactive internet connection or dropped Internet packets can give rise to the “a file being read incorrectly” error. Make sure that you have updated your QuickBooks to the latest available version to avoid the error. When a user doesn’t have the required administrative rights on windows, then it is susceptible to the file exists error QuickBooks desktop. Erroneous QuickBooks installation or inexact Internet security settings are also the possible reasons behind the QuickBooks error the file exists.

How To Fix The QuickBooks Error File Exists Warning Message?

To resolve the “QuickBooks error file already open” follow the below-explained solutions with the utmost care-

Check if your Internet connection is working properly, and there are not dropped Internet packets:

  • Open your default browser and try to open a secure domain such as
  • It the Internet is working then confirm your Internet security settings are not obstructing QuickBooks from connecting with the server.
  • Check if there are no dropped Internet packets by verifying the latency of the network.
  • Make sure that the SSL settings are not fallible.
  • While performing this all, Internet Explorer should be your default browser. Now, see if the QuickBooks payroll update error the file exists remains.

Update your QuickBooks to the latest maintenance release to overcome an existing error that might be the possible cause of the file exists error in QuickBooks:

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop applications and click on Product Information tab located under the Help tab.
  • Now, a drop-down will open in which you have to make appropriate selections based on your update needs.
  • Click on Search and hit on Get the Latest Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
  • Next, save the file to an easily accessible location and then hit the installation file twice to initiate the process of update.
  • Wait for it to finish and Restart your computer.
  • Check if the QuickBooks error “the file exists” still exist?

QuickBooks requires admin rights to perform certain tasks like installing the update. Follow the steps given below to log in to QuickBooks as an admin:

  • Click on the Windows Start menu.
  • Within the search type “QuickBooks.”
  • You will find QuickBooks in the search results.
  • Next, right-click on the QuickBooks version and select the Run as administrator option.

If you still see the file exists error, proceed to the next solution.

Turn off User Account Control from Windows settings and recheck the error:

  • Click on Windows Start button and type Control Panel in the given box.
  • Now select Control Panel and then click the User Account Control (UAC) button
  • Here, you can change UAC settings by moving the slider to Never Notify located against the Turn off UAC.
  • Click OK to confirm your selection and proceed to check the QB error the file exists once again.

Reinstall QB program using clean install tool and check if you’re getting file exists error.

  • Press Windows + R keys at the same time to open the Run box.
  • Now, provide the box with the text appwiz.cpl.
  • Click QuickBooks twice and then make your selection to Uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts carefully to vanish QuickBooks from windows completely.
  • Download Clean Install Tool from the authorized website and save it on your system.
  • Now use it to install the QuickBooks software.

You may be getting file exists error QuickBooks when the user is given limited control of the QuickBooks program file on Windows. Giving full control of the file can resolve the issue:

  • Open Windows File Explorer.
  • Search QuickBooks program file (QBW32.exe).
  • Next, by right-clicking the program file, select Properties.
  • Click Security and then Edit.
  • Further, click on Add.
  • In the Add window, write ‘Everyone’ and click OK.
  • Within the Security window, mark the Full Control checkbox and select OK.
  • Again, click Add and type ‘Users’ in the window, then click OK.
  • Once again, in the Security Window, select the Full Control checkbox and click OK.
  • After finishing, click Apply and then OK.

A firewall blocking the company server can interrupt access to the company file. If this is the reason, you need to form new rules that exempt QuickBooks and facilitate resolution as follows:

  1. From the Start menu, type Windows Firewall in the search bar.
  2. Next, choose Advanced Settings > Select Inbound Rule > New Rule.
  3. Now, tap Port, click Next, and checkmark the box against TCP. 
  4. Enter the specific ports that your version supports to access the company file on another network. Hit the Next button.
  5. Mark the option that says Allow the Connection and hit Next. 
  6. Now, mark all the profiles, click Next, enter a unique name and description for the rule, and Finish. 

Still Facing Error the file Exists Error in QuickBooks

Wait for the QuickBooks installation to finish and then Restart your system. Practicing the troubleshooting procedures for the message can fix the windows QuickBooks error the file exists 2018” technical glitch. However, if not, you can reach out an expert and get step-by-step guidance in resolving QuickBooks file exists error. Do you know one? Dial our QuickBooks error support helpline number +1 800-579-9430 to reach an expert for QuickBooks error file exists resolution.


How can I use Task Manager and close the file engaged with another software to fix the file exists error in QuickBooks?

You can resolve the file exists error in QuickBooks by opening the task manager. Hit the keys Ctrl, Shift, and Esc simultaneously to do so. When the task manager window opens, click the Processes tab. Browse for the process causing the error. Hit the End Task button for this specific process. The file causing the error will close down. Now, open QuickBooks immediately and attempt to operate the function causing the problem. 

Is it necessary to take a backup before updating or resolving the file exists error in QB?

Yes, you must take a backup so that you can restore the file if anything happens to your data. Your company data file makes copies and saves in different locations post-backup.

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