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How Is QuickBooks Clean Install Tool Used For Windows?

QuickBooks Clean Install tool

QuickBooks is leading-edge accounting software that offers innumerable benefits to small and mid-sized businesses. You can streamline your business accounting, keep your transactions accurate, and automate most of your day-to-day operations with QuickBooks. But, what if QuickBooks Desktop functions get damaged? You will not be able to reap the benefits of your accounting software in this case. QuickBooks Clean Install Tool removes QuickBooks installation files and folders from desktop completely. Using this tool, you can Re-install the program to your system again and retain your daily accounting operations. The process is known as QuickBooks ‘Clean Install’ or ‘Clean Un-install’.

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How Does It All Work with QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

To repair the damaged function of the program with this tool, you have to “Uninstall” your QuickBooks Desktop, “Rename” the installation file and “Re-install” the program to your system. With this blog, you will understand how QuickBooks Clean Install Tool works in easy yet detailed steps-

Step 1- Un-Install QuickBooks Desktop

  • Press Windows + R on your keyboard and the Run command will appear on the screen to view.
  • Now go to the Control Panel and press OK
  • Select programs and features option
  • Follow the given series of actions- Program list > QuickBooks > Uninstall.
  • Get the job done when it prompts to Finish the process

Step 2- Rename the Installation Folders

To proceed with the steps, you need to rename the installation folders. You may opt using Clean Install Tool to rename the installation folders automatically or get the job done manually.

A). Download and Run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Once, renaming folder is success, run QB Clean Install Tool. Follow the below-listed steps to complete the action-

  • Download QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.exe and save the file on your computer.
  • Now open QuickBooks Clean Install exe.
  • Choose QuickBooks Desktop version to proceed and press
  • Now, a message will reflect saying, QuickBooks is ready to do a Clean Install
  • Press OK to complete the task

B). Rename Desktop Folders Manually

Manually rename the ‘QuickBooks Desktop Installation Folders’ to show the hidden files and then rename the ‘folder location’ listed for the Windows version of the program. Adding Old or Damaged words at the end of the folder name can prevent QuickBooks from recognizing the folder and creating a new one.

C). When This Error Message Reflects- “The Access Denied While Renaming the Folders.”

  • Right-click on the Windows Task Bar and select Task Manager
  • Under the Processes Tab select Image Name column header to sort processes in alphabetical order.
  • Choose exe, QBDBMr.exe. , QBCFmonitorservice.exe, qbw32.exe and then press the End option.
  • If a Warning message reflects, click Yes or you may end up the process with data loss and system instability.

Step 3- Re-Install QuickBooks Desktop for QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Now Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop Clean Installation is complete. Hope, this piece of information is sufficient to use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool for Windows. If you face any kind of technical distress with how to install QuickBooks, you can immediately contact 1.800.579.9430 our QuickBooks installation service helpline. Our dedicated QuickBooks Error Support professionals will help you in a minute’s notice. Feel easy to connect!

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