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QuickBooks Data Recovery Services

QuickBooks Data Recovery Services for All File Types

Data Services Support stands as the industry leader in offering QuickBooks auto data recovery services. We provide you with a comprehensive range of recovery services without missing out on any detail.

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Since its inception, QuickBooks has grown a massive user base of more than 3.7 million users worldwide. With seamless accounting features, no wonder QuickBooks has become the leading accounting software for business operating on different financial scales. With every update, QuickBooks is gaining new features and enhancements for the ease of doing business.  QuickBooks Data Recovery is a unique part of QuickBooks Data Recovery Services. It helps you get your lost or damaged company file without any loss or damage.

In certain instances, QuickBooks comes across data errors that provoke the risk of losing critically important QuickBooks Data. Irrespective of the reason, data errors can drastically affect a business and its core activities and you might need the support of a QuickBooks Data Recovery Services. We understand how distressing data loss could be, and thus, we have build up a team of QuickBooks data recovery services experts who can come to the rescue.

The QuickBooks recovery procedure can be challenging to handle alone. So let our QuickBooks specialists handle these aspects for you so you can bask in the glory of our proficient QuickBooks recovery services.

Recovering your QuickBooks Data from a Variety of Data Damage

While using QuickBooks, you may encounter data damage in various forms. However, the form doesn’t matter when the data is critical. So, here are the different kinds of data damage you can face and where we can help you with our qualified QuickBooks data recovery service.

List Damage

Errors while accessing the Charts of Accounts, Vendors, Customers, and Employees appears because of damaged lists in the data file. Let our QuickBooks file recovery professionals handle the case.

Structural Damage

This type of data damage affects the table’s header and oftentimes completely destroys the table. You may be panicked about losing your table altogether, but our experts lay an opposite scene for you altogether.

Transaction Damage

This type of data damaged is caused by damaged or corrupt transactions in the QuickBooks Desktop company file. Transaction damages can affect your accounting calculations and end solutions. So you need QuickBooks data recovery support to overcome the problem from the root.

Link Damage

Every transaction is linked to another in the basic structure of the data, and damaged links in the data file damage the entire company file. Let our QuickBooks data recovery software handle such complexities with ease and simplify your problems. We won’t let link damage infect your files and cause the need for manual accounting again.

Issues that may Arise With your QuickBooks Data

If you’re wondering when or why you will be needing Auto Data Recovery QuickBooks, the following points throw light on the same:

  •  QuickBooks Overflow Error
  •  QuickBooks Data Validation Error
  •  QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error
  •  QuickBooks Condense Data Error
  •  Error: There was a problem checking this company for import eligibility
  •  We’re Sorry. QuickBooks can’t open your company file
  •  We’re Sorry. QuickBooks Encountered a Problem
  •  An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file
  •  QuickBooks Rebuild Error. We couldn’t fix some of your errors
  •  A problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing
  •  Problem: There was an unexpected error reported while trying to run QuickBooks with company file
  •  A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing
  •  QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files
  •  QuickBooks found some problem with your company file
  •  A user has not registered the QuickBooks software, or the company file is damaged or corrupted
  •  A corrupt transaction link has been encountered

All these errors and problems may prompt you to get in touch with a QuickBooks expert. We are available a ring away to help you eliminate all the issues and continue using the application hassle-free.

QuickBooks Data Recovery Services

QuickBooks Data Damages That Prompt the Need for Recovery Services

Here is the list of QuickBooks data damages that can push you to avail of our Intuit Data Recovery Service:

Network Failure – While using QuickBooks in Multi-User mode interruptions in the connectivity between Server and Workstation cause loss of data packets that result in data damage. You may not be able to access the file in the multi-user mode due to this error. Thus, these problems may prompt the need for recovery.

Poor System Performance – QuickBooks is a large application and when multiple users works on a company file the size of the company file also increases. Low-spec PC’s are simply incapable of handling an enormous amount of data and cause damage to the QuickBooks data. You may need recovery and QuickBooks compression services to keep using your files. Otherwise, you will have to upgrade the hardware and move the files to a newer version.

Unexpected Power Failure – Improper system shutdown due to power loss cause Windows to crash that damages the data file. You should always keep a backup of your files and ensure that data damage due to unexpected shutdowns remains at its lowest.

Disk Damage – Sometimes outdated hard-drives crashes due to bad sectors present in it, and this can even cause permanent data loss.

You should always keep your disk clean of junk files by undertaking disk cleanup periodically. Further, avoid the accumulation of temporary files and folders, delete the internet cache and cookies, and other files on the disk. You will also need to check for viruses or malware to ensure they are not causing any troubles with the system.


System Bugs – Computer infections like a virus, malware, and spyware are also a big reason for QuickBooks data damage. You may not know what brings these viruses. But if you have an antivirus and firewall installed on your system, you can keep these things at bay. Avoid opening unwanted links and websites that do not seem safe to avoid the entry of viruses.

The Efficacy of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Services

Auto Data Recovery features in QuickBooks helps users to recover damaged QuickBooks files. It makes the use of two different technologies to recover the damaged file- Auto-Replication and Auto Recovery. With Auto Replication, it creates a duplicate copy of QuickBooks Company File (.QBW), and QuickBooks Transaction Log File (.QBW.tlg). Auto recovery uses an extra folder where you can see a few new files while using your accounting software. This is the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Folder, which creates a backup for your company QuickBooks file. However, this is not supported for all accounting information. Moreover, when QuickBooks auto data recovery is turned off, you may need professional assistance to recover deleted QuickBooks file. With our QuickBooks data recovery services, you can protect your business from a data disaster. We analyze your needs and use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery as the last tool in the box. It is because if errors and glitches are curable with simple remedies, getting the biggest weapon out will not be practical. Therefore, judging these needs and situation is crucial for us to outline the necessity of auto data recovery for you. However, suppose we do use it as a last resort. In that case, we will discuss the challenges, complications, and everything that can happen due to the process beforehand so that you are aware of the risks, limitations, and benefits of the process. This way, we ensure transparency and constant communication with you.


Let the Technical Process Happen Swiftly by Contacting Us

Every business needs a backup of their company and financial data digitally on some hard drive or external/internal memory. QuickBooks provides users with QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR) Services to create a backup of their QuickBooks data. But various users encounter common errors such as “cannot open QuickBooks file”. Though QuickBooks provides some tools such as QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool, QuickBooks File Doctor to diagnose such issue if the problem persists, then repairing your file with QuickBooks data Recovery services is the only option left. Data Service Support offers specialized QuickBooks Data Recovery services to resolve all data related issues, be it lost data, QuickBooks data repair, company file repair, repairing.QBW files and.QBB files, etc.

The Process to Recover QuickBooks Data from a Hard Drive

QuickBooks Auto-Data Recovery utility is an in-built program in QuickBooks used to recover damaged files. This QuickBooks repair tool is only available with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise for Windows whereas, not available with the QuickBooks Accountants. It was introduced by Intuit in 2012 and helps users to retain their lost accounting data such as financial statements, transaction files, and several other QuickBooks Company Files. ADR uses two key technologies to recover a damaged file- Auto-Replication and Auto-Recovery.

Auto-Replication function creates a duplicate copy of your QuickBooks Company File (.QBW), and QuickBooks Transaction Log File (.QBW.tlg).

Auto-Recovery utilizes an extra folder where you can find new files while using QuickBooks. This folder is known as QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Folder, which creates a backup for your data files.

This is an easy way to recover the lost QuickBooks file but, there are certain limitations with ADR utility as mentioned below-

  • Auto Data Recovery is not available with QuickBooks Accountants.
  • The file size in ADR is limited to 1.5 GB.
  • If the file size to be recovered exceeds 1.5 GB, then it cannot be recovered using ADR tool.
  • To get ADR in the best shape, you need to ensure that you are using the latest updated version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Data cannot be recovered when QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery is turned off.

Why Choose Us When it Comes to QB Data Recovery?

Proficient Engineers Bring Back the Deleted QB Files

Our QuickBooks repair engineers vow the highest success rates when it comes to QuickBooks data recovery. The professionals are well-versed in resolving RAID failures, .QBW file corruption, hard drive damage, and other possible data loss conditions. While rendering our services, we strive to maintain the highest class security to keep your data safe.

Utilization of Advanced Recovery Tools so no Stone is Left Unturned

At Data Service Support, latest tools and techniques are deployed to complete the data recovery process in the most efficient manner. Our cutting-edge tools have evolved by extensive research and can repair all versions of the QuickBooks. Endowed with the highly sophisticated algorithm for scanning, these tools can effectively recover the damaged and deleted QuickBooks files.

Competitive Rates for Data Recovery

With our robust QuickBooks data recovery services, you don’t need to make any expensive upgrades or purchase the latest version of the QuickBooks that you don’t even require so that you can save more. Moreover, free evaluations and flat rate pricing for data recovery make our services more economical. The charges are absolutely transparent, and you will get no surprise bills.

Round-the-clock QuickBooks Data Recovery Support

Our QuickBooks file repair services are available round the clock and 365 days in a year to ensure that you can get lost QuickBooks data issues fixed immediately. As soon as you contact us, one of our tech-geek will assist you in no time. Just describe your point to the professional and relax. You will be assisted with the best possible solution for a given situation.

We Cover All Database File Types

There are several database file types in QuickBooks such as QuickBooks company file, QuickBooks backup file format, QuickBooks portable file, QuickBooks image file, and various others. The Auto Data recovery feature doesn’t work on all of them, but we do. We can help you recover all database file types in case of accidental deletion or loss.

Streamlined Recovery Procedure Just for You

CALL- Dial our data recovery service number to connect with one of the professionals.
DESCRIBE- Describe whatever issue you are facing related to your crucial accounting data loss.
TROUBLESHOOT- Let your tech-guide escort you with troubleshooting the problem to get your QuickBooks data recovery done.

Dial our data recovery service number 1.800.579.9430 to connect with one of the professionals.