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Update to QuickBooks Desktop 2020 | Here’s How to do it

Update to QuickBooks Desktop 2020

When you update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release, it enables you to harvest the improved features of the software. QuickBooks is vast accounting software that relies on a huge code-base. The vast size of the QuickBooks makes it prone to technical glitches. However, when Intuit identifies these errors, it resolves the errors that users may utilize in the form of a new update. While trying to update QuickBooks Desktop 2020, various technical issues may occur. This blog is a conscious attempt to make you aware of the various aspects of the QuickBooks updates and troubleshooting for the update errors in QuickBooks.

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Types of QuickBooks Updates:

If you want to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest available release, then you have mainly two choices. Manual Update & Automatic Update, a manual update comes in the first place that you may download on your system. You may navigate the Help menu to get Update QuickBooks option and check if the latest update for QuickBooks Desktop is available or not. After a certain interval of time, you may automatically get it done which is a recommended way to update QuickBooks Desktop 2020. You don’t need to look for an update regularly as it automatically gets downloaded to your system when available.

Difference between QuickBooks Updates & QuickBooks Upgrades:

Some users often confuse a QuickBooks update with the upgrade, while they are entirely different. When you update QuickBooks, you will only get the improved features already existed in the application. On the other hand, when your upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version 2020, you can get the whole new features to manage your day-to-day business accounting. Updates for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 are free of cost, whereas you have to pay a sum of money to upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Check the Latest Update Release of the QuickBooks Desktop?

Before you update QuickBooks Desktop 2020 to the latest maintenance release, you have to look for the available updates in the first place.

  • Start QuickBooks Desktop before you get started with the process
  • Press F2 or CTRL + 1 and Product Information Window will appear on the screen
  • Here, you may check the latest updates and release and update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version 2020.

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop?

Updating QuickBooks Desktop ensures the optimal performance of the accounting application with enhanced data security. Besides, you may also need to update the software when the error message “This company file needs to be updated” or “QuickBooks Desktop needs to update your company file” appears.

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop Manually:

The below-given steps can help you to download and update QuickBooks Desktop manually-

  1. Close the company file and QuickBooks in the first place
  2. Navigate to Window start menu and locate QuickBooks Desktop
  3. Once found, right-click on QuickBooks Desktop icon and select Run as administrator (For more info on running an application as an administrator follow article “How To Run Programs As Administrator In Windows”)
  4. On the No Company Open screen, select Update QuickBooks from Help menu
  5. Click the Options tab and then hit Mark All option, then Save it
  6. Select the Update Now tab and checkmark the Reset Update box
  7. Click Get Updates to conclude the steps
  8. Once the update is finished, reopen QuickBooks and install the update.

How to Set Up Automatic Updates in QuickBooks:

Below are the steps that can help you to set up the automatic QuickBooks Desktop update-

  1. From Help menu select Update QuickBooks
  2. Now go to the Update Now tab. (You may check-mark the Reset Update box that will remove all update downloads you have made previously. It will increase the process timing to finish)
  3. Start downloading an update by clicking on Get Updates
  4. Wait for the download process to complete and then reopen QuickBooks
  5. Install the new QuickBooks update when prompted

How to Schedule an Automatic Update in QuickBooks:

If you don’t want to update QuickBooks Desktop 2020 right now, you may turn on or schedule the automatic update to be downloaded later.

  1. Select Update QuickBooks from Help menu
  2. Go to the Options tab and click Yes to turn on the automatic updates. (You may also share the automatic downloads with other workstations by selecting Yes for each computer)
  3. Now select Close, and from now onward, QuickBooks will automatically download updates when they are available.

Having technical issues in updating QuickBooks?

To fix QuickBooks Desktop Update errors, you may dial our QuickBooks error support phone number 1.800.579.9430, and in no time, our experts will come to the rescue. Your QB expert will find and fix the QuickBooks Desktop Update errors so that you can update QuickBooks Desktop 2020 without any technical hurdle.

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