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Techniques To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15103

QuickBooks error code 15103

QuickBooks error 15103 can crop up when a user tries to download updates for QuickBooks Desktop or payroll service. Despite being a multi-purpose tool for businesses and accountants, these technical snags display QuickBooks’ shortcomings. Let us discuss this error in-depth and gain insights into fixing the error quickly.

Error code 15103 in QuickBooks Desktop is a 15xxx series error faced by users widely. This update error message code depicts that the update program has been damaged. When the error occurs, you may not be able to utilize the improved features of QuickBooks payroll service.

Keeping track of the possible error causes can be the key to the successful QuickBooks payroll update. There are several reasons behind this payroll update error in QuickBooks. Following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this post can help you in the error resolution.

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What Is QuickBooks Error 15103?

QB Error 15103 is related to the payroll update process. The error prevents you from downloading the payroll update and gives QuickBooks error message 15103 on the screen that says, “The update program damaged or the update program cannot be opened”. You can find the main reasons and resolutions of this 15XXX series code in the application. 

What Are The Main Causes Behind QuickBooks Payroll Error 15103?

The main causes that can bring forth error code 15103 , stated in the below-given list:

  • If Spy Sweeper is present in the webroot anti-virus software
  • If the user does not have the sufficient administrative rights required to install the latest updates of QuickBooks
  • Error 15103: Your QB isn’t able to update because the downloaded files have been corrupted.
  • Incorrect configuration of Internet Explorer or Edge browser
  • Issues with QuickBooks being unable to verify the digital signature
  • Windows Registry entries may be damaged
  • Poor network connectivity can attract error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop. 

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Update Error 15103?

By fixing the possible causes behind the 15103 error QuickBooks Desktop, you can surmount the technical nuisance. Follow the below-explained solutions:

Solution 1: Login QuickBooks As An Administrator

To perform crucial changes in the QuickBooks application, such as installing the latest updates, you need to login QuickBooks using administrative login credentials. If the error persists, move to the next solution to fix QuickBooks payroll update error 15103..

Solution 2: Check Your Internet Connectivity Issues

QuickBooks desktop error 15103 can also be resulted due to some common Internet connectivity issues. Check the below-given list of the issue to avoid the update failure in QuickBooks:

  • Make sure that Internet Explorer is your default browser
  • Confirm that the date and time settings on the workstation are correct 
  • Check your cipher strength
  • From Tools, navigate to the Internet Options and update settings

If the error continues to trouble, try the next solution. 

Solution 3: Check The Presence Of Skysweeper.exe In The Present System

To check the presence of Skysweeper.exe on the system, follow the below-described steps:

  • Press CTRL+Shift+Esc keys together to open the Task Manager
  • Click the Processes tab and try to locate SkySweeper.exe
  • On finding, open Add/Remove Programs in the window to delete it.
  • If you are not able to find the Sky sweeper in the computer system, navigate to C: \ Program Files \Common Files\ Common Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooksxx\Components.
  • Now you can delete Sky Sweeper to fix QuickBooks error code 15103.

Solution 4: Turn Off User Account Control Temporarily

Temporarily disabling the UAC can help in the error resolution. You need to restore the security settings as soon as the issue is fixed. 

  • Click the Start menu. In the search area and type UAC.
  • Now click “Change User Account Control settings.”
  • In the window that appears, move the slider down to “Never Notify.”
  • Hit OK and then restart the computer.

If none of the above-described solutions can resolve the QuickBooks error message 15103, jump to the next troubleshooting method. 

Solution 5: Perform QuickBooks Clean Install

QuickBooks clean install process can help you in the resolution of the Intuit code 15103. But before you proceed, make sure that it is right for you, because you may not change its effects once completed.

  • Create a backup of the company file
  • Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop application 
  • Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub and select Installation Issues
  • Now select Clean Install Tool and hit OK

When Clean Install Tool finishes, you are ready to reinstall the QuickBooks application.

Your digital signature certificate can cause issues when QuickBooks finds it difficult to verify. The following steps may help with what needs to be done:

  • When you launch QuickBooks, move to the Edit tab at the top of the menu.
  • Now choose Preferences, then Digital Signature from the left-side panel.
  • From the Digital Signature Preferences Window, tap the + sign to add a new digital signature.
  • When a new window pops up, enter the signer’s name, choose QuickBooks from the applications list, and browse for the company file. 
  • Hit Open after selecting the company file. It will lead QB to generate a new digital signature and add it to the company file.

End with closing QuickBooks and restarting your system. 

Got Help to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 15103

The troubleshooting techniques described in this post can help you in the error-resolution. If you are not able to comprehend any of the steps, feel free to give us a call on our QuickBooks error support phone number +1 800-579-9430. Our experts will assist you with prompt and hassle-free troubleshooting solutions to fix QuickBooks error 15103.


How can I rectify QuickBooks error message 15103?

You can try the following methods to resolve QuickBooks error 15103:
1. Utilize Quick Fix My Program from the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
2. Install QuickBooks and update it in Safe Mode.
3. Try to download Digital Signature Certificate.
4. Check and configure internet explorer settings and firewall settings.
5. Switch to the normal start-up mode from selective startup settings.

What is the process of switching to the normal start-up mode to fix QuickBooks error 15103?

The procedure involved in fixing QuickBooks error 15103 by switching to the normal start-up is as follows:
1. Launch the Run dialog window (Windows and R keys).
2. Here, type MSCONFIG and press Enter.
3. Next, choose Normal Startup > Apply > Ok.
4. Now, restart the system again to apply all the changes to the system.