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Resolve Printing Issues With QuickBooks Print Repair Tool

QuickBooks print Repair tool

QuickBooks Print Repair Tool is a powerful tool in the software that can fix various printing issues in the QuickBooks Desktop. In various situations, you may not be able to print PDFs, checks, and invoices. Utilizing QuickBooks PDF & Print repair tool, you can get rid of these annoying technical errors and print your documents with absolute ease. QuickBooks needs various components such as MSXML, XPS Document Writer, Print Spooler service, to print the documents. If any component doesn’t work properly, you may not be able to print within the QuickBooks.

Wondering how to fix printing problems in QuickBooks? Dial our QuickBooks error support helpline number 1.800.579.9430 and ask your queries to the qualified QB professionals.

What Issues Can I Fix Using QuickBooks Desktop Print Repair Tool?

Below is the list of some common printing issues that can be resolved using QuickBooks Print Repair Tool-

  • Formatting issues that may take place while printing documents
  • Blank printouts from the printer
  • Error in printing reports, checks or invoices
  • Printer not responding error
  • QuickBooks stopped working on rendering the Print command

If you face any of the QuickBooks printing problems, running the tool can help you to fix the printing nuisance.

Things to Consider Before Using QuickBooks Print & PDF Repair Tool:

Before utilizing the Tool, some essential points should be kept into consideration.

  • In the first place, you need to check if the printer is turned on and working
  • To ensure that the printer is working, print from a different program other than QuickBooks
  • Sometimes, rebooting the computer is all it takes to fix the printing error
  • Consider the printer error message you are getting on your screen. Check if the error is appearing in “Windows Error Dialogue” or “QuickBooks Error Dialogue.” You may use the Repair Tool for QuickBooks error box.
  • When printing error in QuickBooks arises with the transactions, where you may not be able to print the reports.

How To Resolve Printing Issues In QuickBooks Desktop Using Print Repair Tool?

Solution 1: Restore ‘qbprint.qbp & wpr.ini’ Files

When you back up your QuickBooks company file, ‘qbprint.qbp & wpr.ini’ also gets backed up at the same time. You may restore the printer files to resolve the printing issues in the QuickBooks. You must not restore an old company file while restoring the printing files. If printing issues persist, then give QuickBooks Printing Repair Tool a try.

Solution 2: Make Use Of PDF and Print Repair Tool

In the first place, you need to ensure that QuickBooks is updated to the latest maintenance release. Now-

  • Visit “” and download the QuickBooks PDF repair tool & Print repair tool using QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Save the installation file on your Desktop
  • Install the print repair tool for QB
  • Once the installation is completed, run the tool to resolve printing issues.

Solution 3: Rename the Printer File To .Old

If the QuickBooks printing issues remain, then check if renaming the printer file can help.

  • First of all, navigate to the QuickBooks company folder to find qbprint.qbp file
  • Right-click on the file and select Rename
  • Now change the file name from qbprint.qbp to qbprint.qbp.old
  • Perform the same steps for wpr.ini file

Solution 4. Resetting Temp Folder Permissions

Incorrect folder permissions can lead to errors. To have full access to the temp folder data, you need to set proper folder permissions. Given below are the steps to set Full Control access to the Temp folder on Windows:

  • Open the Run window by tapping Windows and R keys together.
  • Write %TEMP% and hit Enter.
  • By right-clicking on the temp folder, select Properties.
  • Next, click on the Security tab.
  • Make sure all user names and groups are visible on the Security tab have Full Control.
  • Set to Full Control, save it and try to print a document as PDF in QuickBooks.

If the PDF and print error still exists, proceed to solution 5.

Solution 5. Check if you can Print using XPS Document Writer

You need to confirm whether you can print to your XPS Document Writer as QuickBooks uses parts of it to print documents and PDFs.

  • Open Notepad on your workstation.
  • Write Test and choose the File tab.
  • Select Print and then XPS Document Writer.
  • Click Print and type a filename.
  • Go to your desktop and see the XPS document printed from the notepad.

Can’t Print From QuickBooks!

If you are not able to print your documents in QuickBooks or having any technical difficulty in using QuickBooks Print Repair Tool, then get in touch with our experts. Dial our QuickBooks error support number 1.800.579.9430 and talk to our professionals regarding the error. Once you explain your printing issue, they will guide you with the step-by-step troubleshooting assistance.

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