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QuickBooks Subscription Has Lapsed – How To Deal? (Answered)

Quickbooks Subscription Has Lapsed

Your QuickBooks subscription has lapsed! You may receive this error message while updating your QuickBooks Desktop. If you have subscribed to the Intuit payroll services for QuickBooks Desktop, the subscription term gets renewed automatically. When the subscription term is renewed, it debits from your bank account or credit card automatically. On a successful transaction, the invoice notification is sent to the billing contact via email. However, if the transaction fails, you may see this error message- “Sorry, it looks like your subscription has lapsed” You may also get the prompts to update your billing information or verify your subscription along with the error message. There may be several reasons due to which you are getting the error message.

This blog is a quick hunt for the relevant information related to a lapsed QuickBooks subscription error message and how to prevent it. Call QuickBooks Support at 1.800.579.9430 for additional help

What Are The Main Reasons Behind QuickBooks Subscription Has Expired Error:

“It seems your QuickBooks subscription has lapsed for some reason.” To find the reasons, check the below-given list-

  • Due to an outdated version of the QuickBooks Desktop not updated to the latest release
  • Due to a week or unstable Internet connection, QuickBooks subscription is inactive error may occur
  • The billing information or the credit card associated with the subscription is not updated.

How To Resolve the QuickBooks Desktop Subscription Has Lapsed?

Your “QuickBooks subscription has lapsed” error message can prevent you from renewal of the service term. Therefore, you need to fix the error as soon as possible-

Solution 1: Update Billing Information in CAMP

CAMP in QuickBooks stands for Customer Account Management Portal, where you can update your billing information to resume your services.

  • Go to and log in your account using the right credentials
  • Now reach out to the subscription or product for which the payment method needs to be edited
  • Navigate Product details for the Billing Information and then select Edit
  • Now update your billing information without making any keypunching error
  • Hit Save & Close
  • Sync your license data online to finish the task

Still getting QuickBooks Enterprise subscription has lapsed error message? Try the next solution.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks to the Latest Release

The arrival of the error can also be credited to an outdated version of the QuickBooks Desktop. Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release to avoid seeing QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error message.

  • Close all the company file and software before getting started with the update process
  • Now click on Windows Start icon and insert QuickBooks Desktop in the Search programs and files box
  • On finding, right-click the icon and select Run as administrator
  • Navigate No Company Open screen for Help option and then select Update QuickBooks
  • Select Mark All in Options tab and then select Save to proceed
  • Now in Update Now tab, checkmark the box for Reset Update
  • Select Get Updates and close QuickBooks after the update is finished
  • Restart QuickBooks and install the updates.

Now that you have updated the program check if the QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error message is not resolved. If not, follow the next troubleshooting procedure.

Solution 3: Delete Damaged .ECML File

QuickBooks Entitlement file contains the encrypted information of QuickBooks Desktop installation. When the file gets damaged, you may face the subscription renewal error in QuickBooks. You may resolve the error be deleting damaged .ECML File.

  • Quit QuickBooks Desktop and close all the QuickBooks processes
  • Press Windows + R on the keyboard and type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6) when the Run box opens
  • Hit OK
  • Find EntitlementDataStore.ecml in the new pop-up window, right-click on it and select Delete from the drop-down.

Not Able To Renew Your Lapsed QuickBooks Subscription!

If you are still not able to renew your lapsed QuickBooks subscription after performing all the above-listed steps, then connect with a QB expert without wasting a minute. Dial our QuickBooks error support number 1.800.579.9430 to get legit support from the tech-geeks. Your QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error will be resolved guaranteed.

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