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Best Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error 140015

QuickBooks error 140015

QuickBooks by Intuit is the best accounting software in the market not just because of its interface by various sub applications under it that serve various businesses. QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is one such system which provides a multi-purpose solution for the task of sale and inventory management, credit payment processing, bills management, employee and time tracking, and much more. The design of QuickBooks POS is in such a way as to handle 15,000+ inventories efficiently. QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks accounting software can be easily integrated together and many times this is what causes various errors like QuickBooks Error 140015

QuickBooks POS system consists of a lot of amazing functions and to make the most of them you need to get rid of errors that may hinder its working.

If while using the QuickBooks POS system you are facing QuickBooks POS Error 140015, then you have landed on the right page as we shall discuss the reasons and practical steps to fix this error.

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An Explanation of QuickBooks POS Error 140015

QuickBooks POS Error 140015 can be faced by a user during the process of the financial and store exchange when trying to set up a link between QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop. With the issues of Data Exchange within the system of QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks desktop, the error may pop up. This makes it all the more important to resolve QuickBooks Error 140015 as soon as possible. A common message that may interrupt the data exchange is given below.

Error Name: QuickBooks Error 140015

Message Error: Point of Sale could not establish a Connection with QuickBooks 

Error Code: 140015

But this isn’t enough, even if the issue does not root in data exchange there are other reasons for the occurrence of Error 140015 in QuickBooks POS. 

Various Reasons for QuickBooks Error 140015

Listed below are various reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 140015. The message pop up on your screen might be linked to any of the below causes.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop is not configured properly to exchange data when setting up a connection with Point of Sale.
  2. The QuickBooks company file contains various internal errors. This reason is most troublesome because it puts the data at risk.
  3. The software of QB is operating in no company window.
  4. The company file cannot be read by QuickBooks POS because of an error in the company file or the file does not exist altogether.

Expert Solutions to get Rid of QuickBooks Error 140015 in POS

As we come to the section of solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 140015 in POS, you must know what has caused the issue as given above. Follow the steps listed with utmost understanding to avoid further issues with your critical data. 

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Solution 1: Adding a New Windows User

The very first solution that you can try your hands on to resolve QB POS Error 140015 is by creating a new window user. Below are the steps to accomplish the same

  • Hover towards the Start button by doing a right-click. 
  • Into the window that opens up, press the Settings button. 
  • Following this click on the Accounts tab. 
  • At this very step, it is important to choose the Family and Other Users. 
  • Thereafter, select the tab with the heading of Add Someone else to This PC. 
  • After this, the system will guide to perform the complete process. Just follow it through.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks to the Latest Version

This step is a basic one that can help resolve not only Error 140015 in QuickBooks but many other errors in the application. What happens to the backend is that sometimes errors may be glitches and the latest versions might remove them, hence this solution.

  • First, close QuickBooks desktop and POS software, if open. 
  • Following this move to the QuickBooks download and update page.
  • Once on this page, fill in the Country, Product, and Version details.
  • Follow the guidelines that appear.
  • Finally, once the Get latest updates button appears, click on it.
  • If the process takes longer, do not panic, it depends upon the file size to be downloaded and the speed of the internet.
  • On the completion of the download, open the location where the file has been downloaded. The downloadable file will contain the .exe extension. 
  • Click on the Yes option. 
  • Onto the final step open the application that you were updating by following the process appearing on the screen. 

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Solution 3: Configure the Preference of QuickBooks Point of Sale

Since we discussed the company file’s relation to the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 140015, this solution aims to set up the company file correctly.

  1. Foremost to fix QuickBooks Error 140015, open the QuickBooks Point of Sale software.
  2. Move towards the menu named File.
  3. The next step involves clicking on the Preference button.
  4. On your screen, you must now select the Company.
  5. Tap on the option that says Financial.
  6. In this solution, this is the essential step. Ensure that the path of the company file on your system is correct. If not, this could be causing QuickBooks POS Error 140015.
  7. Once you have double checked this, press the Setup QuickBooks connection button.
  8. After the completion of these seven steps, restart the system and the application to see if the error persists.

Solution 4: Repairing the QuickBooks Point of Sale

  1. Before starting the process to repair QB Point of sale, close the application if open.
  2. Then press Windows + R keys together.
  3. Successful pressing of the keys will redirect you to the Run window.
  4. While entering Control Panel there, click on the OK button.
  5. From here move towards the Programs tab. 
  6. On reaching the tab, click on Programs and Features now. 
  7. Access the programs list and select QuickBooks POS version
  8. A single click on the Repair option. 
  9. The process to repair QuickBooks POS will start. 
  10. The computer will restart after the process is complete.

Solution 5: Repair QuickBooks

These steps are different from the one followed above to resolve QuickBooks Error 140016 as they are not for Point of Sale but for QuickBooks.

  • Just like followed above, first, reach the Programs and Features option.
  • Browsing through the list of programs on your system, select QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Hit on the Uninstall option. 
  • In case a text appears to confirm the activity, then choose Yes. 
  • Press the Next button now. 
  • Following this select Repair > Next. 
  • A prompt asks again to click on Repair.
  • A new tab opens up Automatically. Close it and attempt to restart the application. 
  • Here, you must click on OK. 
  • The procedure will commence in some time.
  • Finally, hit on the Finish button which completes the process to resolve QB error code 140015.

Ending with this fifth solution is this article on expert solutions to solve QuickBooks Error 140015. We hope the solutions not only were easy for you but served the purpose and you are back to working on QuickBooks Point of Sale. We shall take a moment to point out that at times, there are underlying reasons for the article and the best way to deal with them is to call the experts. For immediate help from support team call on +1 800-579-9430.

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