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QuickBooks Error 101- Causes & Troubleshooting Solutions

QuickBooks Error 101

QuickBooks error 101 is a technical problem related to online banking when a user tries to import financial transactions of the bank into QBO. Damaged or missing files can be one of the probable reasons to bring-forth the error: 101. Several other reasons may also lead to the error in your accounting software. As soon as the error appears, a QuickBooks problem connecting to the bank follows. This blog offers relevant information about error code 101, along with the best troubleshooting solutions.

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Possible Reasons That May Trigger QuickBooks Online Error 101

While QuickBooks tries to connect with your bank’s website, several reasons may promote QuickBooks error_101 as listed-below-

  • When any of the ActiveX, .NET Framework or Java installation on the Windows get outdated, the error code 101 may take place
  • Unfavorable settings of the Internet Explorer
  • Sometimes, the third-party Internet security applications block QuickBooks for the security concerns, which arises error 101 in QuickBooks
  • When bank’s server is down due to maintenance, you may not be able to communicate with it

To resolve the QuickBooks error_101, you need to surmount the factors that evoke the technical nuisance in QBO.

Most Preferred Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 101

In some instances of the error, you may be instructed to wait for one day to connect to the bank again. However, when you receive the QuickBooks error message 101 due to connection error, you may try the below-listed troubleshooting solutions to fix the error in the least possible time-

Solution 1: Check If You Are Connected To the Internet

In the first place, you need to verify that your connection with the Internet is intact.

  • Open your Internet Explorer and search a safe website from the search box
  • If you get this error -Check your Internet connection and try again, then you need to troubleshoot the connectivity issues first.
  • If not, move to the next solution to fix QuickBooks error_101

Solution 2: Reset Internet Connection Settings to Favor the Troubleshooting

Reset your Internet connection settings in order to establish a strong connection between QB and Bank’s server. Follow these steps-

  • Find and click the Help tab in the QuickBooks located at the top
  • Now select Use my Computer’s Internet Connection Settings
  • Click Next and then Finish to confirm the changes you have made
  • Again, try to update bank feeds in QuickBooks to confirm

If you again see the QuickBooks Bank error 101, then try the next method.

Solution 3: Exempt Intuit from Security Software Restrictions

Your internet security software may obstruct the Intuit and other QB related domains on perceiving them as a security threat. In this case, you need to add and as trusted websites. It will exempt these sites from the restrictions of your security software. If it resolves the QuickBooks online banking error_101, then you may again try to update your banking transactions in QBO.

Solution 4: Update Banking In QBO Manually

If none of the above solutions work in resolving QuickBooks error_101, then you may update banking transactions manually in QBO.

  • Go to the Dashboard and navigate the Banking section to open QuickBooks Online
  • Now select Banking
  • Try to update online banking transactions in QBO by clicking on Update

As like QuickBooks error 102 a user might also get error code 103 while banking online in QuickBooks. This happens because of some other faults in the application set up. In case if you get error code 103 followed by error code 102 then, follow our article on QuickBooks Error 103 for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

If you still see the QuickBooks error 101, after trying all of the above-explained solutions, then our QB professional can help you the best. Dial our QuickBooks error support number 1.800.579.9430 to get fast and effective troubleshooting for QuickBooks error 101.

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