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What to Do When QuickBooks Company File Won’t Open?

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What to Do When QuickBooks Company File Won't Open

The QuickBooks Desktop application lets its users work on their company data easily. There are many features and functions in the QuickBooks app to provide ease of function to its users. But sometimes, while operating the company file, issues occur that prevent the user from accessing the file. In such a case, the “QuickBooks company file Won’t open” error takes place. The issue can occur if the file is already open or the file is already in use. If QuickBooks can’t open your company file, follow this article till the end. We are going to provide you with the possible reasons and effective solutions to troubleshoot this problem.

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Possible Reasons for the QuickBooks POS Company File won’t Open

If your QB Won’t open company file, the following factors might be responsible –

  • The QuickBooks company file might be having issues, and it might be corrupted or damaged or QuickBooks company data file is already open.
  • You are using the wrong way to open the company file, or the file has a wrong extension.
  • The file you are trying to access is already open on another computer on the shared network.
  • Large files, reports, and windows are set to open automatically, which is causing QuickBooks to freeze.
  • You are trying to open the company file and QuickBooks hangs opening company file that means incorrect QuickBooks version.
  • You do not have sufficient permissions to access the company file folder.
  • The file is not as per the required size, or it is encrypted or compressed.
  • Incorrect hosting settings on the server computer and workstations can also contribute to the issue.

Steps to Perform When Can’t Open QuickBooks Company File

If your QuickBooks says the QuickBooks company file corrupted or can’t open QuickBooks company file, follow these steps to resolve the issue –

If you are using the wrong file extension or the file size is enormous, my QuickBooks company file won’t open. To eliminate this issue, make sure your file is as per the below requirements –

  1. The QuickBooks company file extension should be .QBW. You cannot open a backup file (.QBB) or a portable file (.QBM) by using the .QBW extension.
  2. Your file size should be at least 7 MB and less than 1 GB.

To check the file properties, go to Windows File Explorer and right-click your company file.

If there are issues with your company file folder, the QuickBooks company file Won’t open. To address this issue, change your company file location and open the company file from a new folder.

  1. Right-click in the empty space on your desktop and select New to create a new company file folder and save it at an accessible location.
  2. Now, go to the QuickBooks File Directory and find the company file having issues, followed by right-clicking on it and selecting Copy.
  3. Paste the copied file into the newly created folder and navigate to the QuickBooks File menu.
  4. Choose Open or Restore Company and open the company file you moved to the new location.
  5. If the company file opens, you need to move the file to the original location and edit its name.

If the QuickBooks enterprise the file you specified cannot be opened or QuickBooks company file slow to open., move to the next troubleshooting step..

If QuickBooks company file takes long time to open, the company file might already be in use. This happens in a multi-user environment, and you need to change the hosting settings to resolve the problem.

  1. Open QuickBooks on each computer in the network and navigate to the QuickBooks File menu.
  2. Find the Utilities tab and check if QuickBooks is displaying the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option.
  3. If yes, click on it to disable the multi-user hosting mode, and if the app is displaying the Host Multi-User Access option, don’t make any changes.
  4. Now, rerun QuickBooks to check the error status and if QuickBooks couldn’t open your company file is dismissed.

Stop the Windows from automatically opening to prevent QuickBooks from freezing or being stuck in a loop.

  1. Open QuickBooks and hold the Ctrl key till you see the No Company Open window appear on your desktop screen.
  2. Select the Alt key and click Open to get the login window and provide your login information.
  3. Hit the OK button while pressing and holding the Alt key till the company file opens.

If you are using the multi-user mode, you need to make sure that QuickBooks is up-to-date on all the computers in the network.

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Help menu to select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
  2. From the Update QuickBooks window, move to the Update Now tab and select the program features to update.
  3. Click on Reset Updates and Get Updates to download the latest available updates and wait for the downloads to complete.
  4. Once done, rerun QuickBooks and click on the Install Now button to install the downloaded updates.
  5. Lastly, perform a system restart and re-launch QuickBooks to check if the update process has helped resolve the QuickBooks company file cannot be closed at this time error.

Still Trying How do i fix a QuickBooks Company File that won’t Open

The QuickBooks cannot open this company file because it was updated to a newer issue can be easily resolved with the help of a few reliable solutions. Perform the steps provided above, and if the error persists, you can reach out to us at +1 800-579-9430 to get professional assistance from our team of experts.