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QuickBooks Company File Not Found- Fixed In 3 Easy Steps

QuickBooks Company File Not Found

QuickBooks company file not found or missing is a strange technical issue in the program that takes place when you try to open a company file from the No Company Open windows. In no time, you will receive an error message on your screen- “QuickBooks can’t find your company file.” or “The company file you selected could not be found.” There can be several reasons behind the QuickBooks Company file is missing or cannot be found. Read this blog until the end for the detailed description of the error, along with its causes and troubleshooting solutions.

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What exactly is a QuickBooks Company File?

QuickBooks company file is used to store all the financial data of your company. You may identify a company file with the extension .QBW. QuickBooks company file is a single file and is not decomposed into multiple files. You may open, copy, or move your company file. Furthermore, a .QBW file can also be imported from one version of the QuickBooks to another. When QuickBooks company file is not found on searching, then this error should be resolved in no time.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error: Company File Not Found

If you have moved your company file recently, then QuickBooks may not be able to find your company file. You need to point QuickBooks to the new location of the file. There are several other reasons for QuickBooks error code: company file not found.

  • A QuickBooks company file is moved to a new location
  • Accidental deletion of the QuickBooks company file locally, or on the server
  • QB company file not found in multi-user mode due to unstable network connectivity
  • When you try to open a QuickBooks company file using the wrong option

How To Resolve QuickBooks Pro Company File Not Found Error?

When QuickBooks company file not found error arrives, you may not be able to access your crucial accounting data, which may hamper your work progress as well. Therefore, you may want to fix the error in the least possible time. Here are some effective troubleshooting solutions that may help you in the error-resolution.

Solution 1: Make Sure That Your Network Connectivity Is Intact

To check the network connectivity, you may ping the server. If you get a prompt reply for each packet, it means that you have stable network connectivity. On getting Packet loss or slow reply, you should resolve the connectivity issue to proceed with other troubleshooting procedures.

  • On your keyboard, press Windows + R simultaneously.
  • Type CMD in the Run box then press Enter
  • Again, type ipconfig/all then click OK or hit Enter
  • Note down the Host Name (The name of server)
  • Once you have the name of the server, type Ping (Server Name) and press Enter
    • If you get a response for each packet, it indicates your system is connected to the network.After you ping the server, either you’ll get a reply or notice a packet loss:
    • If you notice a packet loss or late reply, you need to consult a certified IT professional.

If the QuickBooks company file error continues, then try the next error-resolution procedure.

Solution 2: Search for All QuickBooks Company File

Below is the list of the extensions, you may type to go to the server computer and then make a wildcard search for all the company files. Make sure that Asterisk (*) is placed before the extensions to search files correctly.

  • *.QBW – For QuickBooks company file
  • *.QBA – For Accountants copy file
  • *.QBB – For backup file
  • *.QBY- For Accountants change file
  • *.QBX- For Accountants transfer file

Note down the locations of the files and move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Open a Specific File Using the Right Option

Now open a specific file using the correct method-

  • Backup File- File >> Open or Restore Company >> Restore A Backup File
  • Company File- File >> Open or Restore Company >> Open A Company File
  • Accountants Transfer File- File >> Open or Restore a Company >> Convert an Accountant’s Copy Transfer File.

Note: Re-installing QuickBooks Desktop using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool is one more solution you can try if none of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above helps.

Company File Not Found in QuickBooks Desktop Persists!

If QuickBooks company file error continues after performing all the troubleshooting procedures, then you need to get in touch with an experienced QB professional. Wondering where to get help? It is just a call away! Dial our QuickBooks error support number 1.800.579.9430 to get in touch with a dedicated QB expert. You will be assisted with intelligible support until the QuickBooks company file not found issue is fixed.

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