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Answered | How to Transfer QuickBooks License to New Owner

Transfer QuickBooks License to New Owner

If you want to transfer QuickBooks license to a new owner, then this blog can help you to understand the QuickBooks license transfer policy so that you can get the job done efficiently. Transferring QuickBooks license might be a daunting task if you are fully unaware of the procedure. While transferring QuickBooks license to a new owner, data security can be your other main concern. Fret not! The security of your data remains intact when you transfer it carefully.

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Intuit License Restriction & Grant Policy: Description

QuickBooks software cannot be transferred or sold. It is protected by copyright laws, and only an authorized user may install and use QuickBooks. Everything is mentioned in the user’s license agreement. This policy works in compliance with the country laws, and in the US, the license can be transferred in limited conditions. A user needs to fill and send the “Transfer a License” form and send it to Intuit for the verification. When a user submits the QuickBooks license transfer request, Intuit responds through the email within one to two days (within 48-hrs). The conditions to transfer QuickBooks license to a new owner are given below-

When a business is sold to the new owner with all its assets:

When a QuickBooks user sells his company with all the assets, then he may transfer QuickBooks license to new owner. To accomplish this task, both new and old business owners need to fill and submit a signed QuickBooks License Transfer form. Also, a signed Notarized bill of sale needs to be submitted by both parties.

When a user is donating the program to a non-profit organization:

To donate the software to a non-profit organization, the present owner needs to fill 501C Form from IRS and submit it to QuickBooks.

When a user provides incorrect information during the product registration:

In case a user provides incorrect ownership information, then while registering the QuickBooks product, the license transfer becomes feasible. To do this, an authoritative owner needs to reach our QuickBooks help team with a proof of QuickBooks copy purchase to rectify the information.

Things to consider before you transfer QuickBooks License & Data from One Computer to another User:

When you transfer QuickBooks license to a new computer, you may need to transfer your license information and company data to the new computer. Keep the below-listed points in your mind to complete the transfer process of QuickBooks license and data in a fail-safe manner.

  • To ensure a fail-safe transfer of your QuickBooks license and company data, establish a stable Internet connection before you proceed
  • Terminate all the running QuickBooks processes to prevent any failure during the license transfer
  • You may rename your company file on the legacy computer to prevent the use of a wrong file
  • Run a full virus scan on the new computer to protect the company data from any kind of corruption.
  • Make the file transfer carefully to avoid the loss of your crucial company data

NOTE: For any errors encountered while transferring the license to a new owner follow our article on how to fix QuickBooks License Error.

Having More Queries Related To Transferring QuickBooks License To New Owner:

If you have any queries related to transferring your QuickBooks copy license, then get in touch with our qualified professionals. Besides, if you are worried about your data security while transferring it from one computer to another, our QB experts can help. Just dial our QuickBooks support phone number 1.800.579.9430 and reach out to your dedicated professional to safely transfer QuickBooks license to the new owner.

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