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How can I remove QuickBooks Error 267?

QuickBooks Error 267

QuickBooks error 267 is one such error that comes up in QB while a user attempts to access an old invoice. This is mainly due to incorrect data recorded in items such as transactions, invoices, memos, etc. The error is supported by a trigger warning saying, “Rebuild not Working.” This evidently indicates that the problem is triggered by damaged data as the Rebuild tool works on fixing the company data. Read the complete blog to gain a better insight into the error by going through the below blog.

One of the methods to deal with QuickBooks Desktop error 267 without further hassles is to reach out to our QB professionals at +1-800-579-9430, who can give you the ample amount of support and tricks to not only resolve the error but also prevent it in the future

Reasons for Rebuild Error 267 in QuickBooks

This section focuses on providing you with the common factors that trigger error 267 in QuickBooks. There can be several other possible reasons; however, these are the standard ones –

  • A damaged invoice is the primary reason behind this error.
  • Incorrect or void entries are recorded in the invoice.
  • The balance sheet in QuickBooks is out of balance.
  • Incomplete records show up on the balance sheet.
  • If a discrepancy is recorded in the financial reports, error code 267 may come up.
  • If items or transactions are missing from the data file.

How can I Spot QuickBooks Invoice Error 267 on my Device?

Here are some pointers that can help you identify this error in your program and computer –

  • QuickBooks or the Windows operating system might shut down suddenly to avoid further damage.
  • The program stops responding to user requests like keyboard taps or mouse clicks.
  • The user might be unable to access the company data file.
  • QB may display a blank white or grey glitchy screen.
  • The inability to update the application is also a sign of an error like 267.

How do I fix QuickBooks Rebuild Error 267?

In order to erase QuickBooks error code 267 from your device, you must practice all of the following troubleshooting methods carefully –

Since QuickBooks error message 267 arises out of a damaged invoice, it is essential that you remove the problematic invoice and create it again from scratch –

  • Locate the invoice that is encountering this issue on the QuickBooks screen.
  • Open the Invoice window and press the More button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Hit the Delete button and confirm the action by clicking on Yes.
  • After this, you need to recreate the deleted invoice.
  • Press the Gear icon on top and choose Audit Log from the given options.
  • Tap on Filter and click on “Show only these events, Transactions.”
  • Choose the “Deleted/Voided transactions” option and hit the OK button.
  • Find the invoice that you deleted and go to the History section to click on the View tab.
  • Note the details of the invoice to recreate it.
  • Tap on the + New button and choose Invoice.
  • Enter all the required details of the invoice and press Save.

When you void or delete an invoice, the amount recorded in the invoice has to be converted into a credit memo for the customer or be refunded to them. This is how you can create and apply the available credit –

  • Click on the Receive Payments icon and go to the Customer Payment screen.
  • In the Receive From section, select the customer eligible for the invoice credit.
  • Choose the correct invoice and tap on the Discount and Credits button.
  • Make a choice in the credits that you wish to apply and click on Done.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the Save and Close button.

The Verify Data and Rebuild Data utilities in QuickBooks are useful in resolving the bugs in your data. Also, you must use both of these tools to ensure that recreating the invoice deletes the error permanently –

  • Tap on the Window tab and choose to Close All.
  • Click on File, scroll down to Utilities and select Verify Data from the drop-down menu.
  • Allow the tool to run and perform the next step on the basis of the message displayed on the screen.
  • If a particular warning or issue pops up on the screen, follow the prompt to fix the error.
  • Finally, if the message “Your data has lost integrity” comes up, you must run the Rebuild Data tool to rectify the situation.
  • Open the File menu, click on Utilities and then Rebuild Data.
  • QB will ask you to create a data backup file; press the OK button to do so.
  • Wait for a short while until the message “Rebuild has completed” is displayed on the screen.
  • After this, you must run the Verify Data tool again to confirm that the bugs have been erased completely.


From the above blog, we have understood that pointers like a damaged invoice can give rise to QuickBooks error 267. However, if you recreate the invoice, the issue can be rectified within a few minutes. We hope that the information stated earlier has been able to guide you through the troubleshooting process. If not, we recommend you get in touch with our support team at +1-800-579-9430.