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Why Should you Prefer QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Services?

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

QuickBooks enhanced payroll services is suitable for those small and mid-sized businesses that need to manage in-house payroll. QuickBooks offers a wide array of services to its customers on the basis of their various business requirements. The main payroll services offered by Intuit includes Basic Payroll, Assisted Payroll, and Enhanced Payroll. The different plans are devised for different businesses to streamline their payroll process. In this blog, we will converse about the Intuit Enhanced Payroll and in what conditions it is an ideal choice for the QuickBooks users.

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What is Enhanced Payroll Service in QuickBooks? 

QuickBooks offers an efficient solution to users to manage their payroll activities. It helps you to save your time and efforts by preventing the double entry, printing instant paychecks, and streamlining the overall payroll processing system. QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll service is one of the Intuit’s payroll services that provides you with the complete payroll solution. It allows you to calculate and file taxes accurately, print swift paychecks, and make payments easily. On the other hand, QuickBooks basic payroll service needs more endeavor to make payments and file tax forms.

How Does QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll Work?

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is one of the three payroll services from Intuit that you can subscribe to enable the payroll feature in your accounting software. This service subscription allows you to utilize the payroll management features. However, QuickBooks Mac does not support Enhanced Payroll service but use QBO Enhanced Payroll as its payroll add-on. If you don’t have a payroll subscription, but you require to record the payroll transactions, then you can setup manual payroll.

When QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2019 can be Advantageous for the Users?

QB Enhanced Payroll service is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to scale their business while managing their payroll process in-house. We can understand the importance of QuickBooks Pro 2019 with Enhanced Payroll by comparing it with the other payroll subscription services from Intuit.

Basic Payroll Vs. Enhanced Payroll 

Basis payroll service is suitable for those businesses who merely want to calculate their payroll taxes, create paychecks, and send direct deposits. You need to prepare your own payroll tax forms, such as W-2, 940, 941, and various others. Enhanced payroll subscription service has all the features of the basic payroll. In addition, you can prepare your federal and state tax forms such as 940, 941, and W2. The Enhanced version of the payroll services can save your time and efforts that you can invest to overcome the major shortcomings of your business accounting process.

Assisted Payroll Vs. Enhanced Payroll

QuickBooks Desktop assisted, or full-service payroll solution is for those accountants and business owners who want to outsource their payroll. You need to enter the working hours of your employees, and the service provider will look after the paychecks, direct deposits, payroll tax forms. Moreover, they will also remit payroll tax deposits on your behalf. QuickBooks assisted payroll cost is more than double the cost of QB Enhanced payroll. This considerable difference in the prices of the two payroll services can make you think twice to prefer full-service payroll over the assisted payroll service.

Why is it Necessary to have a Payroll Support Service for Enhanced Payroll Solution?

QB Enhanced payroll support service can help you to organize your payroll with maximal savings. You can save your money from full-service payroll and prevent yourself from heavy penalties from the tax authorities. When you reach out to our professionals, they will assist you with every step of your payroll setup. Furthermore, you can get your payroll management system tailored as per your specific business requirements. Dial our QB enhanced payroll customer support number 1.800.579.9430 and get comprehensive help with every step.

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