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This is Why You Aren’t Able to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6140

QuickBooks Error 6140

Working on QuickBooks is not much of a hassle for both tech-savvy users as well as non-tech-savvy users. This is because the interface of the application has been built in such a manner that it enables the user easily throughout the program, along with understanding the basic usage of its tools. But there are situations where all the pros fail to resolve a glitch faced by a user. This blog focuses on one of such issues known as QuickBooks error 6140. The issue generally comes up when a user tries to run payroll and is supported by a trigger warning saying, “You must specify a different number. This number has already been used.” The message clearly indicates that a duplicate document has been used or created, which could include a copy of the previous check number, bill number, or journal number. Study the blog below to gain a better insight.

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Reasons for QuickBooks Error code 6140

Here are some of the driving forces that trigger QuickBooks error message 6140. But the reasons are not exclusive to this list. Based on your usage, there can be other factors that are responsible for the error –

  1. If the user is running or operating a document that has been used previously.
  2. Error 6140 in QuickBooks also occurs when the “Warning for the duplicate number is used” option is enabled in the company settings.
  3. When QuickBooks or Windows are not updated to their respective updated versions.

How to Identify the Document Error 6140 in QuickBooks?

These are some signs to look for in your program that will confirm the presence of error 6140 –

  • QuickBooks or Windows may crash down suddenly.
  • The overall performance of QB may fall gradually.
  • Some tabs or buttons of the application may not click or will appear greyed out.
  • The screen may freeze or display a glitch on the window.

How do I fix QuickBooks Error 6140?

We have now reached the most crucial part of the blog, where we have mentioned and explained the resolutions for QB error code 6140. Hopefully, these steps will be able to support you in deleting the error forever –

This is the most important step of the troubleshooting process, as it will verify if specific options are selected or not in QuickBooks, which may directly affect the occurrence of error 6140 –

  1. In the QuickBooks screen, press the Settings tab.
  2. Choose Account and Settings from the drop-down menu and then select Sales.
  3. Check if the Customer Exchange Number is enabled or not. This option should always be disabled.
  4. Now, tap on Settings again and choose the Advanced option.
  5. Here, you need to check if the “Warn if the copy check is utilized” option is selected or not. If yes, de-select the option.
  6. Press the Sync Error button and wait for it to display the results.

If performing the above steps does not fix the problem for you, try checking the invoice or receipt in which the error is arising this way –

  1. Open the invoice that is facing this glitch.
  2. Delete any discrepancies in the given invoice and if payments are recorded into it, delete those payments.
  3. Press the Edit button, alter the invoice number, and hit the Save button.
  4. Try to run the payroll again to see if the error has been fixed or not.

Since the issue is triggered due to a duplicated entry, checking for the same will be the final resort. Ensure that you check for redundancy or duplication of the following entries –

  1. Check all the relatable transactions for duplicate entries.
  2. You must also check the Transaction numbers as they can trigger the error.

It was important for you to understand what QuickBooks error 6140 is and how it occurs in order to resolve the error right at the root cause. We are positive that after studying the above blog, you are able to get rid of the same. Nevertheless, if everything fails to help you out, we suggest contacting our experts for help. Dial 800-579-9430 and let the crew handle this.