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Simple Troubleshooting Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 12002

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Simple Troubleshooting Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 12002

QuickBooks error 12002 is an update error in the program that occurs when QuickBooks fails to connect with the Internet on your system. It can be frustrating when you’re trying to access your files, but the application flashes an error message.  However, there’s no space for stress as we offer a practical troubleshooting guide to fix the issue quickly and effectively. 

A slow or timed out Internet connection while connecting to the Intuit’s server can bring forth error code 12002 QuickBooks. The interference from your Firewall of internet security settings can also prevent QuickBooks from downloading the latest updates. Various other issues can promote the error 12002 in QuickBooks that we will discuss and resolve in this blog.

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What Are The Possible Causes Behind The QuickBooks Update Error 12002?

QuickBooks error 12002 can be triggered due to several reasons mentioned in the below-listed points:

  • Network Timeout can prevent QuickBooks from accessing the Internet
  • Faulty SSL settings can also evoke Intuit error code 12002 QuickBooks Desktop
  • If Internet Explorer is not your default browser, the error can take place
  • A variety of Internet connection issues can promote the QuickBooks error code 12002
  • Firewall or Internet security settings hindering the connection due to some security concerns

Note: Create a company file backup to prevent any data loss during the troubleshooting. Update QuickBooks Desktop to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the troubleshooting procedures.

Step-By-Step Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12002:

After observing the possible causes of the error message 12002 QuickBooks, let’s make headway towards the removal of the technical nuisance.

Solution 1: Make Internet Explorer Your Default Browser

In this procedure to resolve error 12002 QuickBooks Desktop, you have to ensure that Internet Explorer is set as your default browser. If you are not sure how to get it done, you can take help from this article on how to make Internet Explorer your default browser. If you are not able to update QuickBooks Desktop, then follow the next solution.

Solution 2: Edit Internet Explorer Settings

The restrictive settings of Internet Explorer can prevent QuickBooks from accessing the Internet connection on your computer. You need to change these settings where required to prevent getting error 12002. Follow the below-described steps:

  • Quit QuickBooks application and press Windows + R to open the Run window
  • Now type INETCPL.CPL in the blank space and click OK
  • Click on Internet icon located underneath the Security tab and check the level of security of this zone (it must be Medium-High)
  • Hit the Connection tab.
  • Don’t forget to uncheck the proxy server of your LAN; otherwise, you need to enter the respective address and port.
  • Click OK and proceed further to the Advanced tab
  • Hit Restore Advanced Settings option
  • Make sure that Use TLS 1.0 is checked whereas, boxes for Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are unchecked
  • Click OK to finish

Close Internet Explorer and try to update QuickBooks and check if you’re still getting error code 12002, then jump to the next solution.

Solution 3: Set Up Your Computer’s Internet Connection

Follow the below-given steps to avoid getting error 12002 QuickBooks:

  • Select Help in the first place and then hit Internet Connection Setup
  • Use your Computer’s Internet connection settings for the application
  • Now try to update the QuickBooks Desktop application
  • QB 2008 or later versions: Help >> Update QuickBooks >> Update Now tab
  • QB 2006 or earlier versions: File >> Update QuickBooks >> Update Now tab

Installation errors trigger QuickBooks error 12002. Therefore, rectify it by running QB in the selective start-up mode as follows:

  1. Prepare your company files’ backup and then launch the Run Window by pressing Windows and R keys on the keypad together.
  2. Type MSconfig and press Enter.
  3. In the particular General tab, you need to click the selective startup and Load system services option.
  4. Move to the Services tab and choose to hide all Microsoft services.
  5. Now, you need to hit the option Disable all and unmark the checkbox Hide all Microsoft services.
  6. You must choose the Windows Installer checkbox out of several services list. Press OK.
  7. Further, you need to launch the configuration window of the particular system.
  8. After restarting your PC, undertake a clean installation.
  9. Again open the Run window and type MSConfig> OK.
  10. Choose normal startup under the General tab and restart the system to give effect to the changes. 

Need More Help For QuickBooks Connectivity Error 12002!

If the above-explained solutions are not sufficient for the resolution of QuickBooks connectivity error 12002, then instantly dial our QuickBooks error support helpline number (800)-579-9430. The number will get you connected to a dedicated expert who will guide you in resolving error 12002 until the error is removed.


Describe the important things to do before troubleshooting QB error 12002.

Before stepping into the resolution methods, do the following:
1. Take a secure backup of the QB company file. 
2. Update QuickBooks Desktop
You can create backups by choosing the File Menu in QuickBooks > Back up Company > Local Backup. Follow the instructions on-screen to finish taking the backup. 

How to update the Chrome Browser to fix Error 12002?

You can fix error 12002 by updating the Chrome browser to the latest version as follows:
1. Open Chrome and hit the More tab.
2. Here, choose the Update Google Chrome option.
3. Wait for a few seconds for the update to finish and hit the re-launch tab.
If the Update option isn’t available, you are already using the latest one.