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How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working Error? 

QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Working

The QuickBooks scan manager is an essential tool in the application that can help you to add files to your sales receipts, invoices, bills, and other transactions. You may also import and categorize transactions in QuickBooks using the Scan Manager tool. However, the QuickBooks Scan Manager not working issue can prevent you from utilizing the advantages of the tool, and you will need to resolve this error as soon as possible. Improper setup of the scan manager tool is also an apparent reason behind the error. In this post, we will discuss the possible causes behind the QuickBooks Scan Manager has stopped working problem and fix them using intelligible

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How To Set Up QuickBooks Scan Manager To Prevent The Error?

Sometimes, the QuickBooks scan manager not working error can take place due to the faulty setup of the tool. To avoid the error, you need to set it up correctly using the below-given steps: 

Step 1: Create Your Scan Profile

In the first place, you need to create your scan profile using the below-listed steps: 

  • From the QuickBooks icon, select Doc, and it will open the Doc Center
  • Next, click scan a Document
  • Click on a suitable Scan Profile and hit Continue
  • Change your profile settings as per the requirement and click Save to apply the changes. 

The default destination of the scanned documents will be the folder containing the QuickBooks company file. 

Step 2: Set Up And Check QuickBooks Scan Manager In All Modes

The next step is to set up and test the QB scan manager. Follow the below-given steps:

  • Highlight your profile and hit Select
  • Now from within the Select Scanner window, choose Scanner Setup Wizard. 
  • Next, select Normal Mode to proceed further 
  • Mark the checkbox against Perform Tests and click Next
  • Perform a suitable test in the scanner and hit Next twice to start the scanner test
  • To resume the scanning test in other modes, checkmark the box for Repeat this test to check all modes and click Next. 

These steps can help you to set up QuickBooks scan manager properly to ensure the optimal performance of the tool and avoid QuickBooks scan manager not working error. 

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Scan Manager Error? 

There are various instances of QuickBooks scan manager could not scan error you may experience while using the tool. Below are some main QuickBooks scan manager not working issues and their troubleshooting steps: 

Error 1: Could not scan. TWAIN driver is not found.

To resolve this QuickBooks scan manager error, follow the below-given steps: 

  • Check if you are using a TWAIN-compliant scanner in the first place.
  • Now test the scanner outside of QuickBooks to check that the scanner is working fine. 
  • If not, it denotes that an issue does exist in the scanner only. In this situation, you need to contact your scanner manufacturer or avail professional assistance to fix QuickBooks Scan Manager.

If QuickBooks scan manager not working issue continues, move to the next solution. 

Error 2: Error Referring The Error Code – 281 or 1

In this error case, follow the below-given steps: 

  • First of all, delete your current scan profile and create a new profile. 
  • Now change the user account settings from within the Window
  • Next, you have to repair QuickBooks software and try scanning again
  • Utilize Clean Install feature to reinstall the application 
  • Finally, Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager again to scan the transactions

The steps discussed in this post can help you in resolving the “cannot scan bills using QuickBooks scan manager” issue. If you need help from experts, give us a call on our helpline number 1.800.579.9430. At a minute’s notice, our experts will make the error assessment and resolve the QuickBooks scan manager not working issue.