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QuickBooks Payroll not Responding Error | Here’s What to do

QuickBooks Payroll not Responding Error | Here’s What to do

QuickBooks Payroll has served multiple small to mid-sized businesses worldwide. Just like any other software, there are constant updates in payroll to keep errors at bay. Yet, even with regular updates and the latest version of the application, you may see QuickBooks payroll not responding. All the tasks come to a halt, and since there is no error code, you may feel confused. If this is something that is bugging you, we suggest following this blog thoroughly.

If you are short on time and some important payroll operation has been hindered due to the QuickBooks payroll not responding error, we suggest dialing the support number +1 800-579-9430

List of Reasons for Payroll Not Working Error

The first section of our blog on what to do when payroll not working is dedicated to talking about the error.

  • You are in the Multi-User mode when sending payroll.
  • Your QuickBooks security certificate is invalid.
  • Errors with the Internet connectivity.
  • Network Time Out is another reason for the QuickBooks payroll not responding error.
  • Your system’s current date and time are not updated.
  • Windows firewall settings are restricting QuickBooks tasks.

Tasks to Complete before Fixing the QuickBooks Payroll not Responding

When your QuickBooks payroll not responding, it may be because of minor inconsistencies with the system or the software. For example, making little tweaks and adjusting some settings can fix the error effortlessly. Below are the steps to complete, and if the error persists, you can move to the next solution.

  • The time and date displayed on your system may be incorrect; therefore, you must update it to the current one. After making the required changes, restart your system.
  • Out of various reasons, one primary reason for QuickBooks Payroll to not respond is an outdated payroll tax table. You must get the latest tax table version. To update the tax table, use the Employees option and click on Get Payroll Updates. Finally, select Update.
  • Ensure that your QuickBooks is in the single-user mode; use the File menu to change to the Single User Mode.
  • You must review the status of your current payroll subscription. The status must denote as active to move forward. Else, it can cause QuickBooks Payroll not responding error.
  • Your version of QuickBooks should be of the latest release.
  • Check your internet connectivity and verify if everything is working fine. Open the web browser, preferably your default one, and access If the website opens without an issue, you are good to go.
  • Verify your system’s firewall settings to see if they obstruct QuickBooks and its downloads. You must add the QuickBooks application to the Firewall’s list of exceptions.

Methods to Help you when QuickBooks Payroll is not Responding

If you have been through the above checklist and the error of QuickBooks payroll not responding still appears, then here are some methods to help you tackle the issue.

Method 1: Use the Command Prompt to Flush the DNS

In this first method, we will try to discuss the steps of flushing the DNS. This is a technical method; therefore, you must follow this carefully.

  1. Use your keyboard and open the Run window with the use of Windows + R keys.
  2. Type CMD in the Run command window, hit the Enter key, or click the OK button.
  3. Next, you must enter the following text: ipconfig /flushdns before hitting the Enter key.
  4. You must try working on the payroll again, and if it stops responding again, follow the next method to fix the glitch.

Method 2: Review the Internet Explorer’s Advanced Settings

Sometimes, your Internet Explorer settings can restrict the working of QuickBooks Payroll. Therefore, we suggest you modify the settings to allow payroll to work efficiently in this second method.

  1. Double click on the Internet Explorer icon and select the Advanced tab.
  2. Use the Settings section and scroll down to the Security category.
  3. You must unmark the Do not save encrypted pages to disk option.
  4. Choose the Use TLS 1.2 option.
  5. Press OK, which will keep all changes.
  6. Next, close the Internet Options screen.
  7. Once you are in the Internet Connection Setup window, press Done.

Method 3: Clear the Internet Explorer’s Cookies and Cache

This method can be used even by users with an operating system and web browser other than Windows 10 or Internet Explorer. QuickBooks requires a web browser to connect with services online, preferably Internet Explorer, so here is how to clear the collected cookies and cache.

  1. Firstly, open Internet Explorer and click on the Tools icon.
  2. For some versions of Internet Explorer, you may need to use the Alt key to access the Tools menu from the menu bar.
  3. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  4. Next, use the General tab and from the Browsing history, choose Delete.
  5. Choose the following options that you will remove to fix the QuickBooks payroll not responding error:
    1. Temporary Internet files and website files
    2. Cookies and website data
    3. History
    4. Passwords
  6. Hit the Delete button.
  7. Close the close button on the top menu bar on the Internet Options window.
  8. Open QuickBooks and try working on Payroll again.

Our blog on the QuickBooks payroll not responding error ends here. With the above three methods, you will be able to work smoothly on Payroll again. But, when the root of the error is different, you may need additional help to fix the error, and the above methods may not solve it. Therefore, if you still see the QuickBooks payroll not responding error, we suggest calling the support team on +1 800-579-9430.