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5 Effective Ways to Fix QuickBooks is Unable to Send your Emails to Outlook

QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding

QuickBooks Outlook email is not working issue occur while sending emails with the wrong Email Configuration. QuickBooks is a powerful accounting application that provides integrated financial solutions to companies across the globe. One of the most important tasks of a business is to keep in touch with its sources and customers through emails. And this is where Microsoft Outlook comes into the picture. The application also helps QB users receive and send emails apart from supporting other activities.

But, in some instances, users encounter an issue where QuickBooks Outlook is not Responding. It is obvious that the issue arises while sending emails and is most likely to be triggered due to incorrect email settings. As a result, a user is unable to use Outlook for their business operations. In this blog, we will be focussing on the causes that lead to this error, along with the solutions that will fix it. Read till the end to find out.

QuickBooks email Outlook is not responding while sending emails from the program? Dial our QuickBooks error support phone number 1.800.579.9430 to get the required help on QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to outlook.”

What is Error Message QuickBooks Outlook Email not Working?

Error: QuickBooks not sending email through outlook” comes upon a user’s screen when Outlook and QB are not compatible with each other and lead to malfunctioning issues in the webmail. The error can also be triggered if Outlook is not properly installed on the device. Users get annoyed by such an issue because neither does it let you perform your tasks nor does it help you resolve it, as the application keeps on shutting down. Therefore, it is essential that you undo the error as soon as possible, or it may continue to hamper your operations significantly.

Reasons Why is my QuickBooks outlook email not working?

Talking about the factors that trigger such an application behavior, these are some of the most common reasons that run behind the occurrence of the QuickBooks is unable to send your email to outlook problem–

QuickBooks Won’t Send Email Through Outlook
  • Not using QuickBooks or Outlook using the administrative rights can cause QuickBooks Outlook email is not working.
  • If the current version of QB and Outlook are not compatible with each other, the user may face issues in the overall performance of the applications.
  • Incorrect emailing settings in the web browser may also trigger this QuickBooks unable to send emails.
  • Disrupted or partial installation of Outlook due to unstable internet connection or any unidentified error.
  • If the user has not set up Outlook as the primary emailing software.
  • If Microsoft Outlook or the QuickBooks program are not updated to the latest release.
  • An outlook process Running in the background when sending an email can also crop up the Error.
  • Damage in Outlook email configuration file MAPI32.dll also bring in forth Outlook is not resonding QuickBooks.

Knowing the possible reasons behind the error is half part done. Now you are just a few solutions away from resolving the “QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook 365” issue.

How to be Sure if Outlook in QuickBooks is not Connecting?

In order to apply the troubleshooting methods for the issue, we must confirm that this is the error that QB is facing. This is how you can identify the error –

  • Outlook continues to reconnect on the screen.
  • QuickBooks screen turns plain white and becomes unresponsive.
  • Both QuickBooks and Outlook crash suddenly and then reopen automatically.
  • When you try to send an email, it bounces back in your mailbox.
  • Some options or buttons in the Outlook application or QuickBooks might be greyed out.

How do I Fix QuickBooks Outlook is not Responding?

If you are not able to send an email via QuickBooks Outlook, then the below-given troubleshooting procedures can help you in the error resolution.

Solution 1: Uncheck the “Run this program as Administrator” Option

In this solution, you need to modify your admin privileges so that it is not required while sending the email.

  • Quit QuickBooks and open the Windows Start menu
  • Type QuickBooks into the search box
  • On finding, right-click the QuickBooks icon and select Open File Location
  • Now from the folder containing the company file, locate and right-click QuickBooks.exe file and select Properties
  • Select Compatibility, then select and uncheck Run this program as Administrator option.
  • If you are not able to checkmark the option (it is grayed out), select Show Settings for All Users to see the option back.
  • Select Apply and hit OK to confirm the changes you have made.

QuickBooks sending email through Outlook is not responding, even after performing the troubleshooting, then jump to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 2: Rectify Your Email Preferences to fix QuickBooks Outlook Email Not working

In this procedure, we will edit the QuickBooks email preferences to Outlook and then retry to send emails from the QuickBooks application.

  • From QuickBooks Edit tab, click Preferences and then select Send Forms
  • Now select My Preferences tab and then choose to Send email using the option
  • Hit OK and then back to Edit tab again and click Preferences
  • Now select Send Forms and click QuickBooks Email from My Preferences tab
  • Hit OK
  • Edit your Preferences to Outlook and then click OK to confirm the change
  • Again try to send email using QuickBooks.

Solution 3: Check Your IE Email Preferences

After upgrading QuickBooks and rectifying the email preferences in the software, check the email preferences for your Internet Explorer.

  • Quit QuickBooks and open Internet Explorer.
  • Then perform the given series of action – Tools > Settings >Internet options
  • Now select the Programs tab and then select Set Programs to proceed further
  • Select Set your default programs and choose the email service you want to utilize
  • Click Apply, then OK to save the changes
  • Close Internet Explorer to conclude the procedure

Solution 4: Repair your MAPI32.dll

If none of the above-explained solutions helped you in fixing the “QuickBooks won’t send email” issue, then try to mend the MAPI32.dll file.

  • Close all the programs running in the background
  • Open Windows File Manager and go to C:\ Windows\ System32 folder
  • Look for Fixmapi.exe file double-click on finding
  • Wait for the repair of MAPI32.dll file and once completed, attempt to send email from QuickBooks once again

Solution 5: Update your QuickBooks and Windows

Updating QuickBooks and windows is also supposed to resolve QuickBooks outlook Email not working and we have listed below steps carefully to update windows and QuickBooks.

  • Select the QuickBooks Desktop icon and Press the Alt + Enter key to open Properties.
  • Next, Click on compatblity tab.
  • Uncheck option “Run QuickBooks as an adminstrator“.
  • Afterwards, Opent the QuickBooks desktop and Click on Help.
  • Now, Select the update Now option.
  • Next, Go to the windows settings and Click on Check for update.
  • Once the windows and QuickBooks update process finished.
  • Then restart the System and open QuickBooks and send the email.

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QuickBooks not sending emails to outlook Continues!

So, this blog was all about the solutions that you must apply in your program if you notice that QuickBooks not sending emails to outlook. We aimed to cover all the relevant points that revolve around the problem, including the key reasons behind it. Hopefully, your QuickBooks Outlook is functional again. We recommend contact our tech specialists at +1-800-579-9430.

FAQ’s – QuickBooks Outlook Email Not Working

Why is my QuickBooks outlook not responding?

It is proven that QuickBooks 2019 and Newer version are only compatible with Office 365, So you should try to use outlook from office 365.

How do I fix QuickBooks outlook email not working?

There are dozens of MS office solutions you can find over the internet in order to resolve QuickBooks outlook email not working problem and Some of the most useful techniques are:
1. Run QuickBooks As an administrator.
2. Check the Email Preferences settings for QuickBooks and Internet explorer.
3. Repair the damaged MAPI32.dll File.

How do I fix QuickBooks won’t email invoices?

To resolve the problem of QuickBooks not sending emails, You need to verify first preferred chosen app is working or not. Next, Are the Admin user, if not then you have the privilege to send the email.

Why my QuickBooks not sending emails due to network connection failure?

Incorrect email server configuration is one of the most common reasons for errors in email sending. The user account you are using to send an email hasn’t sufficient permission to send the email. Also, Internet explorer not set up as a default browser can bring forth email errors.