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All You Need To Know About QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is one such tool in QuickBooks designed to identify and rectify QuickBooks Desktop Installation errors. To resolve these annoying issues, Intuit has bestowed its users with some efficient tools like QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix any unusual behavior of QuickBooks and prevent frequent technical hurdles. This tool enables users to get a smooth and error-free QuickBooks installation by resolving all the possible technical hindrances. The installation failure can be caused due to the .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++. Running QB Install Diagnostic Tool can be helpful in the below-listed conditions.

  • MSXML Damage
  • .NET Framework Issues
  • QuickBooks Error Code 1603
  • Error Code 1902 in QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Error Code 1935
  • QuickBooks Error Code 1904
  • C++ Related Errors

The tool can automatically detect and fix these issues; however, you might need to reboot the system in several cases.

How To Download & Install QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

To use the tool for error-resolution, you need to download QB Install Diagnostic Tool and then install it to the system.  Below -mentioned steps can help you to get the job done-

  • First, visit Intuit’s official website to start the download process.
  • Now, save the QB Install Tool File to desktop when prompted. (Make sure that no program is running in the background before you proceed.
  • Find QB Install Tool file with .exe extension on your desktop.
  • Double click the .exe file and the file will open immediately.
  • The first thing you will see is a License Agreement Window.
  • Click on Yes on the same Window to proceed further.
  • Now, click on the Proceed button to Run the scan.
  • Restart your PC.
  • To download the file smoothly, make sure that you have access to a good Internet connection.
  • After using the tool, you may require to register/activate your QB again.

These steps can help you to download and install QB Install Diagnostic Tool to your system if followed correctly. You may contact QuickBooks installation helpline, to get instant help.

How QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Works?

The tool is designed to automatically detect the issues that prevent a smooth installation of the QuickBooks. By running this tool, you can work on the following problems-

1- Connection Tab

Connection Tab examines your PC and helps you to set up the QuickBooks company data file.

2- Firewall Status

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool can provide relevant information on the Firewall status, and based on this information; you can take the required action.

3- Workstation Connectivity

This tool also helps you to analyze workstation’s Internet connectivity because both the installations (Tool’s & QuickBooks) require a proper connection with the Internet.

4- Selective Start-up Re-Install

In many instances, third-party applications such as ‘anti-virus,’ create trouble while installing QuickBooks. So, it is essential to complete the installation in a selective mode having only a few items running in the system.

How To Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool To Resolve The Installation Issues?

Now, its time to look into the steps that make this amazing tool work. Here we go-

  • To begin, download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool with the help of the above-given steps.
  • Save the file on the Windows Desktop.
  • Before running the tool, make sure that no program is running in the background, and close if any. (It may take up to 20 minutes or more to download depending upon workstation’s Internet speed.)
  • Now, Run the tool and once done, Restart your computer.
  • Running QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • After running the tool, update Windows to the latest version to resolve the issues related to ‘.NET Framework, MSXML, or C++. Your outdated Windows may prevent a smooth installation of the QuickBooks.

If the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool fails to resolve the installation errors, or the QuickBooks installation was interrupted, try to fix them manually. You may contact QuickBooks Error Support team at (855) 526-5749 to get step-by-step assistance from the professionals.

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