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QuickBooks Error OL-301 (QuickBooks Not Syncing With Bank) Resolved

QuickBooks Error OL-301

QuickBooks error OL-301 is an online banking error that you may receive while downloading or accessing your transactions. Reconciling QuickBooks with your bank or credit card accounts can help you to track your income, expenses, and other expenses without making a double entry. You can easily detect any discrepancies in your transactions and get better insights for your business. However, you may face various communication issues with your financial institution, such as this same QuickBooks Error code.

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What Does QuickBooks Error Code OL-301 Mean?

When you see a QuickBooks error message OL-301 on your screen, this means, there is a communication problem between QuickBooks and your bank. As per the message, error takes place due to a change in the account info or a disabled service that should be turned on. Next, you will see a recommendation to reach out to your financial institution with the Error code: OL-301.

Possible Causes behind QuickBooks Not Syncing With Bank Error OL-301

The connection error between the bank and QuickBooks OL-301 can be caused due to various possible reasons. Below is the list-

  • Any discrepancies between the information provided to bank and QuickBooks can lead to the QuickBooks bank connection error OL 301.
  • A service you are trying to utilize is dormant and needs to get activated.
  • The sign-in credentials you are trying to get into your online banking is not correct.
  • Having an inactive status for your account can cause this QuickBooks error.
  • You are prone to receive an error message when your account is blocked by your financial institution.
  • Bank is processing your identity confirmation request, and you are confronting the error until the identification is made.
  • A corrupt or damaged company file can also trigger the error OL-301.
  • Bank’s server is under maintenance, preventing you from getting connected.

NOTE: You can check the availability of your banking website by click here

How to Fix Intuit QB Error Message Code OL-301?

After getting aware with all the likely reasons for the QuickBooks online banking error OL-301, it becomes easier to resolve the error speedily. The first step is to create a test file that can help you to get the half work done.

Step 1- Detect Cause of Error by Creating a Test Company File

By creating a test file, you can dig out if the error is created due to your bank or an issue in QuickBooks.

  • Select New Company by navigating the File menu.
  • Now, you need to select Express Start to proceed.
  • Next, provide the Setup window with all the required information and then select Create Company

After performing the above-given procedure, check if you are getting QuickBooks error OL-301 again. If yes, then the error is arising due to an erroneous connection from your bank. If you have recently installed QuickBooks, then check if you have received any security notification from your financial institution.

Contrarily, if you don’t receive an error, then you should keep performing the troubleshooting solutions until the connection error between bank and QuickBooks OL-301 is resolved.

Steps 2- Re-establish Connection to Your Bank

You are here; it means that something in QuickBooks has evoked the error and you have to fix the concerned issues one by one. Check bank connection and reset it if it is not intact. You have to turn off and turn on your bank feed. This action will refresh the QuickBooks connection to your bank. Again, try to perform the same action to check for the QuickBooks error OL-222, OL-301.

Step 3- Perform Step 2 for All Banking Connections

If resetting the connection to a single account doesn’t help then refresh the networks for all accounts including those which are dormant or hidden from Chart of Accounts.

  • From QuickBooks List menu and select Chart of Accounts
  • Navigate to the bottom of the list and select Include inactive
  • Now, turn off bank feeds for all the accounts including inactive ones
  • Next, turn on bank feeds for all accounts, you have selected.

If you again see QuickBooks error OL-301, then proceed further to the next step.

Step 4- Check Issues with Your Company Data

Check if the error is caused due to damaged or corrupted company data. To achieve this task, you download and run the Rebuild tool twice. It can fix all the major issues related to the company data.

Step 5- Get In Touch With Your Financial Institution:

If none of the above-given steps can resolve the QuickBooks online banking error OL-301, then you can reach out to your bank immediately. Describe your issues related to your account with the QuickBooks Online Banking.

Resolving QuickBooks online banking connection error OL-301 can be an intimidating task and requires your utmost attention to the details. However, you can anytime reach qualified QuickBooks professionals and get relevant help for the concerning QuickBooks error code OL-301. Dial our QuickBooks error support phone number 1.800.579.9430 and get QuickBooks error OL-301 immediately.

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