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Learn Triggers and Troubleshooting Methods of QuickBooks Error 1606

Learn Triggers and Troubleshooting Methods of QuickBooks Error 1606

QuickBooks error 1606 may appear while installing the updates. It is a reasonably standard error encountered by several users worldwide. However, you need not worry as we provide straightforward and effective fixes. 

QuickBooks error code 1606 depicts that QuickBooks cannot find the network location during the installation process. Besides, it also indicates that a current Windows user has been damaged. When the error occurs, you will receive a 1606 error message on your screen that says, “Error 1606: QuickBooks could not access Network Location.” There are several reasons behind the error to crop up. Reading this full post can help you troubleshoot the error code 1606 with handy sets of troubleshooting steps.

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What is QuickBooks Error Code 1606?

QuickBooks error code 1606 emerges when users attempt to install QuickBooks Desktop. The error message states, “Error 1606: Could not access network location.” You may face this error because the current Windows user account may be damaged or the listed network in error isn’t available. 

Error code 1606 QuickBooks indicates a non-existent location for the Windows user account, as pointed out by the registry location. The troubles locating the network can cause challenges in updating or installing the QuickBooks application. Various triggers may be responsible for this issue. The following section details the reasons correctly.

Several reasons are credited for the arrival of QuickBooks error 1606. The below-given list contains some common reasons behind the error while installing QuickBooks:

  • A corrupt User profile on the Windows system can trigger Installation error 1606
  • An incomplete or corrupt program installation due to a corrupt setup file is also a reason for getting error code 1606.
  • An erroneous Windows registry can also hinder the installation of the QuickBooks software triggering QuickBooks error code 1606.
  • When the Windows installer cannot access the data from the QB installation disk, you may notice error 1606 could not access network location

IMPORTANT: Before applying the troubleshooting mentioned in this article, make sure to Update QuickBooks to the latest released version.

Troubleshooting Techniques for QuickBooks Error Message 1606

Below are some practical troubleshooting steps you need to perform one after the other to get rid of this error 1606 could not access:

The administrator account is usually run by the computer owner or IT personnel to avoid error 1606 QuickBooks.

  • Restart your PC to resolve error 1606.
  • Sign in to your Windows Administrator account by entering the correct login credentials (username & password).
  • Now try to install QuickBooks again and check if this resolves QuickBooks error 1606.

If this error 1606 persists, then try the following procedure.

To create a new Windows administrator user, you can check this link, how to create an administrator account in Windows 10? Once you have created a new Windows user with Admin rights, try to install QuickBooks Desktop software. If QuickBooks error code 1606 reappears, move to the next solution.

Selective Startup mode can help you terminate the unnecessary Windows applications that can interfere with installing QB promoting error: 1606. Once all the undesired Windows programs are ended, initiate the QB installation process without any intervention to fix QuickBooks error 1606.

If you attempt the QuickBooks installation using a scratched CD, the CD Drive may not run the data on the disk. In this scenario, you must download the Setup file from the Intuit Product Download Page.

To install the QuickBooks program in the Windows Safe Mode, follow the below-listed steps:

  • Click the Windows Start icon and move the cursor on the arrow next to Shutdown
  • Click Restart, and Windows will start rebooting
  • Long press F8 while rebooting until Advanced Boots Options appears
  • Now select Safe Mode using the navigation keys and then hit Enter
  • Try to install QuickBooks Desktop and check the status of QuickBooks error 1606

The system administrator should perform this process with the utmost care and attention. Any negligence can lead to severe consequences for the system. Therefore, you need to resolve the issues with the settings of the Windows registry entries to eliminate error 1606.

If you’re running QuickBooks Desktop on Windows installed in parallels, execute the following steps to fix error code 1606:

  • Begin by logging out of your parallel account on the system.
  • Log back into the system and go to the similar Desktop. 
  • Here, opt for the Devices tab, then Shared Folders.
  • Further, hit the Disconnect All option, leading to signing out from the parallels.

Now, sign back in and try installing the QuickBooks Desktop application to see if this solution has helped resolve QuickBooks error 1606.

Resolve error 1606 QuickBooks Desktop through the following steps:

  1. Launch the Run window by simultaneously holding the Windows icon and R keys on the keyboard. Type Control Panel and OK to open it. (Windows 10)
  2. For Windows 7 and 8, click the Start button and find Control Panel to launch. 
  3. Where the drop-down window appears, choose the View option > Small icons.
  4. Now, move towards the Network and Sharing center.
  5. Choose Change Adapter settings which you will find on the left-side pane.
  6. Right-click at every listed adapter and choose Disable wherever available. 
  7. Even when you get messages like the connection is lost, do not respond or connect to the network.
  8. Leave this Window open and simultaneously install the QuickBooks application.
  9. After installing, return to the Network connections window and activate your connections to check if this solution resolves QuickBooks error code 1606.

Conduct a complete scan after updating the antivirus software as follows:

  1. Immediately identify the issues and fix them.
  2. Upgrade your antivirus system.
  3. After activating the antivirus software, run the Full scan.
  4. After this, if your antivirus doesn’t run or update, there may be a virus.
  5. If the virus doesn’t get detected, you should copy the company file to another system and then open it.
  6. Further, repair the Windows Installation on the system. This step is crucial, especially when the company file opens successfully on another system. 

The company file may be damaged if you still get the error 1606.

QuickBooks Tool Hub has all the tools necessary to resolve various QB errors. You can fix all problems with QB using tools and components available in the tool hub. Download this one-stop utility as follows:

  1. Open your browser and search for the Intuit website.
  2. The official Intuit website will have the download link for QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  3. Click it and let the download complete to resolve error code 1606 QuickBooks Desktop. 
  4. Save the download package to the default downloads folder or browse a new location. 
  5. Once done with the download process, you should visit the place where you have downloaded the tool hub file.
  6. Open this file and double-tap the executable file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
  7. Once done, the installation wizard will appear with different instructions.
  8. Follow them all and accept the agreement and conditions.
  9. After the installation finishes, you are free to use the tool hub as you please.

To get rid of QuickBooks message code 1606, you can use the following tools:

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

When you are getting error code 1606 QuickBooks, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and access the Installation Issues tab. You’ll find the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool to use and resolve the installation errors. Running it can help you fix the installation and update issues in QB.

Quick Fix My Program

You can also use the Quick Fix My Program utility in the tool hub when you are getting message 1606 QuickBooks Desktop. It is available among other tools in the Program Problems tab. 

Another tool to scan system files is Windows System File Checker. It will help you identify the errors in the system files and diagnose them. If you’re getting error 1606 QuickBooks because of damaged Windows system files, you can run this tool as follows:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu.
  2. Type Run in the search space.
  3. Hit Enter, and the run dialog box will appear.
  4. Now, type CMD in the Run dialog box.
  5. Press Ctrl and Shift simultaneously, then press Enter at the CMD result.
  6. The CMD window will be black and blank and run with a flashing cursor. 
  7. Type SFC/Scannow in the CMD window.
  8. Hit Enter, and the system file checker scan will start processing.
  9. Hopefully, it will fix the errors causing QuickBooks error 1606.

You can also fix QuickBooks installation through the control panel:

  1. Open your system’s control panel from the Start menu.
  2. Go to the programs and features section and choose the Uninstall/ change a program option.
  3. Select QuickBooks Desktop from the installed application list.
  4. Undertake steps to repair the application. 
  5. Execute and let the system finish the repair process.
  6. Once done, reboot your system and reopen the QuickBooks application.
  7. See if QuickBooks Error 1606 persists.

The above-described blog is a deliberate attempt to help users looking a way out of this same QuickBooks error. However, if you are unsure about any of the given troubleshooting procedures or need expert assistance fixing QuickBooks error 1606, feel free to dial our QuickBooks error support helpline number 1.800.579.9430.


How does Error 1606 Display its Presence?

The signs that show your system is infected by QuickBooks error code 1606 are as follows:
1. Frequent system crashes prevent you from doing the work. 
2. Incomplete or improper program installation due to the error appearing on the screen.
3. The error may appear and reappear on the screen, disrupting your work.
4. The keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals do not respond appropriately.
5. The system hangs and freezes for intervals.

How to Create a New Windows Admin User to Install QuickBooks on Windows 7 and 8?

You can implement this troubleshooting solution to fix QB error 1606 as follows:
1. Go to the Search bar and type User accounts in the Windows Start option.
2. Opt for Manage Accounts and then User accounts.
3. Give a new name to the New account > hit Admin option > Details.
Finish with installing and opening the QuickBooks application.

Which QB tasks should I terminate from the task manager to fix error 1606, which could not access the network location?

You can terminate the following processes by running Task Manager as admin:
1. QBW32.exe
2. Qbupdate.exe
3. QBDBMgr.exe

How to Update QuickBooks and Windows to fix error 1606?

If you’re facing QuickBooks Error 1606 due to outdated Windows and QB applications, you can take the following actions:
Update QuickBooks
1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
2. Select the Help menu.
3. Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
4. Select Get Updates Now.
5. Opt for Update Now if a new update is available. 
Update Windows
1. Go to the Start menu.
2. Type Update in the search field.
3. Click Check for Updates.
4. If any new Windows updates are available, click Update/ Install Now.
Hopefully, QB error 1606 will resolve after this solution.