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Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 1402 with this Detailed Guide

Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 1402 with this Detailed Guide

QuickBooks error 1402 takes place while installing QuickBooks Desktop software due to some issues in the installation. Improper installation of the program gives rise to missing components required for the efficient functioning of the program. When the error arrives, you will see an error message that says, “Couldn’t Open Key.” You may be unable to harvest your accounting software to its fullest potential due to error 1402. Here, we will discuss the possible causes that trigger error code 1402 and how to surmount them for error-free business accounting.

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What does QuickBooks Error 1402 Mean?

Error 1402 QuickBooks emerges while opening, installing, or working on QuickBooks Desktop. This error indicates corruption in the system files or payroll operations. You won’t be able to use QB payroll seamlessly due to the error. QuickBooks may be unable to connect with the computer you are using to access it. Users usually face this issue when components required to open QB go missing. It might throw an error message, “Error 1402: Could not open key.” 

QB can’t open the installation key, as shown by error code 1402 QuickBooks. So, before we dig into troubleshooting solutions for the error, let’s understand its causes and symptoms.

Error 1402 QuickBooks Desktop can appear on the screen due to various possible reasons mentioned in the below-given list:

  • If the CD used in the installation process is damaged
  • When the QuickBooks installation file is corrupt or missing, you may encounter the error: 1402
  • Improper or partial installation of the QuickBooks software
  • Missing or outdated Microsoft components such as MSXML, C++, or .NET Framework essential for the error-free QuickBooks installation
  • An outdated Window can be another reason behind QuickBooks error 1402
  • Windows applications running in the background can sometimes interfere with the QuickBooks installation process and give rise to Desktop error 1402
  • Windows may be facing multi-faceted issues that trigger error 1402.
  • Excessive startup entries of programs and applications can lead to the error message 1402 QuickBooks.
  • Hardware issues are other reasons for this error.
  • If your Windows registry is damaged, you will encounter QuickBooks error 1402.

When this error strikes the system, users usually face some effects that do not let them work properly. So, let’s look into them in detail before proceeding with the troubleshooting.

You can be sure of getting error 1402 QuickBooks when you encounter the following signs:

  1. Your Windows Operating System performs poorly, lags, freezes, and crashes while working.
  2. You might not receive any response to your mouse or keyboard commands in QuickBooks.
  3. You may be getting error message 1402 in QuickBooks as a notification or pop-up.
  4. QuickBooks doesn’t install correctly, and the procedure might face glitches, lags, and crashes.
  5. Other active programs might also crash due to this error attacking the system.
  6. Users might be unable to open QuickBooks after installation or update.

These consequences prompt users to look for adequate troubleshooting methods and implement them as quickly as possible.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1402?

Below are some effective troubleshooting solutions you can take into consideration to fix the QuickBooks error message 1402:

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is a useful tool designed by Intuit to identify and fix the issues related to the QuickBooks installation. You can perform an error-free QuickBooks installation by using the tool described below:

  • Visit Intuit’s website and download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool (make sure that no program is running in the background)
  • Save the QB Install Tool on your system, where you can easily find it.
  • Now, double-click the .exe installation file to open it.
  • Agree to the license agreement and then click Proceed button to run the scan
  • Wait for the scan to finish, and then Restart your computer.

Try to install the QB again to check if the same error code is gone. If the error continues, then you need to follow the next solution.

An outdated Window is one of the most apparent reasons to promote error 1402 while installing QB Desktop. Go to the bottom of your Desktop and perform a Windows update. Follow the article on how to update Windows and get the job done. Then, install the pending updates and restart your system to check whether this QuickBooks error is fixed.

Many times, you may get QuickBooks installation errors due to the other programs running in the system. You can resolve the issue by reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Go to the Control Panel and click on it to Open.
  • Now type Add or Remove Programs in the blank area.
  • Next, search for QuickBooks from the list of programs and select Uninstall.
  • Once the uninstall process finish, restart your system and reinstall QuickBooks.

Selective startup mode prevents the QB installation from being interrupted by other programs causing QuickBooks error 1402. Follow the below-given steps to get it accomplished.

  • Restart Windows and press F8 during the reboot process.
  • Now, when the Advanced Boot Options screen appears, select Safe Mode.
  • Hit Enter, and when prompted, log in as an Administrator to install the QuickBooks updates.
  • Run the setup file for the installation of the QuickBooks Desktop.

Missing, damaged, or corrupted Windows components are the leading reasons for you getting error code 1402 QuickBooks. So, you need to fix these components as follows:

  1. Begin by downloading the MSI file on your computer and saving it to an accessible location.
  2. Go to the Start menu on your desktop. In the Search Programs and files box, type the words “exe /fvaum “%userprofile%\desktop\msxml.msi.”
  3. Hit Enter. 

Fix the Microsoft .NET Framework

You can fix the Microsoft .NET Framework that is causing error 1402 as follows:

  1. You need to access the Control Panel from the Run window (Windows + R keys), Start menu, or the desktop. 
  2. Visit the Programs and Features option.
  3. Look to Turn Windows Features on or off.
  4. Check if the .NET Framework of 3.5 or later versions is checked. If it is, uncheck it straightaway.
  5. Tap OK and go to the system configuration window to restart.
  6. After your computer reboots, you need to follow the steps again to turn the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later on by checking its box.

Fix the Microsoft MSXML Files

The steps to repair your Microsoft MSXML files are as follows:

  1. Type appwiz.cpl in the Run Window (Windows +R).
  2. Select MSXML 6.0 and tap the uninstall option on the top.
  3. Download the msxml.msi file again from the Microsoft website. Double-click the installation file and follow all the prompts to install it completely.

If your Windows Registry is damaged/ corrupt, you’ll need to configure the settings as follows:

  1. Launch the Run window by pressing Windows + R keys on the keyboard. When it appears, type regedit in the search field and hit Enter or OK.
  2. Before you proceed to make any adjustments, you need to create a backup of the registry entries.
  3. Choose the File tab at the top and tap the Export option.
  4. Give a name to the backup file and save it to the desktop.
  5. In the Windows registry, navigate to the left-side panel and see the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes.
  6. Go to the Edit section and hit Permissions.
  7. Under the Advanced section, tap Add.
  8. You need to select everyone for every object name. Hit OK to confirm.
  9. Tap the Full Control option to checkmark it and click OK.
  10. Finally, exit the registry editor window.
  11. Run the QB update now and see if you are still getting QuickBooks Error code 1402. 

If the Adobe Flash Player is the reason behind QuickBooks Error 1402, you need to reinstall it as follows:

  1. Access the Control Panel on your system from the desktop, Start menu, run window, etc.
  2. Here, under the Programs and Features section, you’ll find the Uninstall a Program option. 
  3. Further, you’ll reach the list of applications currently existing on your device.
  4. Here, find Adobe Flash Player.
  5. Now, follow all the prompts to uninstall it from the system completely.
  6. Once you’re finished uninstalling, you can download and install it again. You need to accept the terms and conditions in setting the flash player. 

The people who use Bitdefender can benefit from this solution as it might lead to error 1402. If you disable this program, you might not be able to get rid of QuickBooks Error 1402. So, add QB to the exclusion list of Bitdefender and find the resolution as follows:

  1. For 32-bit Windows OS, you need to put the following in the exclusion list: C:\Program Files\ Common files.
  2. For 64-bit Windows OS, put C:\Program Files\ Intuit (C:\Program files (x86)\Intuit) in the exclusion list. 

How To Stop Error 1402 In QuickBooks From Coming Back?

Now that you have resolved QuickBooks error 1402 by taking so much technical distress and killing your crucial time, you don’t want the error to come back. You can try simple tips to keep QuickBooks installation errors at bay. Back up your data to the prevent a data disaster caused due to the error code 1402. Avoid interrupting an ongoing QuickBooks installation process, no matter how long it may take. If the process is interrupted, delete the system junk and reinstall the program. Keep your QuickBooks updated with the latest maintenance release.

If the QuickBooks error continues after all your troubleshooting efforts, and you need professional assistance in the error resolution, give us a call at our QuickBooks error support phone number (800)-579-9430 to avail immediate help. In no time, you will be connected to a dedicated QB expert and receive relevant support for QuickBooks error 1402.


What should users keep in mind before proceeding with the troubleshooting of QuickBooks Error 1402?

Before users troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1402, the following things are prerequisites:
1. Back up your data regularly so there’s no data loss.
2. You need to erase junk files as frequently as possible.
3. Install it as soon as possible whenever you get a new QB update.
4. Do not rush the QuickBooks installation procedure and let it happen at its pace.
Hopefully, these rectification steps and prerequisites will help you stay away from error 1402. 

What is the alternative selective startup method to fix QuickBooks Error 1402?

The alternative selective startup method in QuickBooks to fix error 1402 has the following steps:
1. Begin by backing up your essential files, QB product, license information, etc.
2. Type msconfig in the Run window, which you can access by pressing Windows and R keys together.
3. Go to the General tab. Select the Selective Startup and Load System Services option.
4. Further, tickmark the box stating Hide all Microsoft Services.
5. Once these prompts are clear, hit OK and restart your system.
7. You can return to the normal mode through the same steps of Run Window > Msconfig > General tab > Normal startup.

What are the prevention steps for QuickBooks Error 1402?

You can prevent QB error 1402 as follows:
1. You should form QB backups regularly.
2. Disk cleanup and other temporary files and folders should be cleaned regularly to prevent junk accumulation in the system.
3. Ensure not to interrupt the software installation process.
4. You need to install QuickBooks updates as soon as they appear.
5. Run the system file checker scan to repair the scanning files.
These prevention steps should help you eliminate QB error 1402 and prevent it from returning.