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QuickBooks Error 1303 | Complete Troubleshooting Guide

QuickBooks Error 1303

At the time of the QuickBooks installation, an error can take place when the installer has insufficient privileges to access the path to the directory. When the error takes place, you will get an error message on your screen, “Error 1303: Installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory. C:\…\ Intuit.” The error code depicts the faulty Windows configuration settings and improper QuickBooks installation. Multi-pronged issues in the program can give rise to QuickBooks error 1303; we will find and fix by reading this blog until the end.

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Possible Reasons behind QuickBooks Error Code 1303

QuickBooks error 1303 can emerge during the installation of the QuickBooks software due to the below-given reasons:

  • Improper set up of the QuickBooks Installation process
  • When the installation folder can’t be accessed by Everyone Group and System Group due to the lack of full control rights
  • When the Windows File Sharing settings are incorrect

A few simple troubleshooting steps can remove error 1303 while installing QuickBooks. All you need is to suppress the possible causes promoting the error.

How To Resolve QuickBooks Install Error 1303 : Setup Can Not Access The Folder?

Following the below-explained solutions can remove QuickBooks error message 1303 during QuickBooks installation. Perform the steps with the utmost care to prevent any erroneous act. Let’s proceed:

Procedure 1: Put QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool To Use

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is devised BY Intuit to look after the errors in the QuickBooks Installation. You can get a smooth and error-free installation by making use of the QID tool. Let’s see how to harvest the tool for the error-resolution:

  • Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool file
  • Save the file to your preferred location where you can easily find it
  • Double-click the .exe file to open the QB Install Tool
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and click Proceed to Run the scan
  • Wait for the process to end, and the tool will identify the installation problems and try to fix them.

Restart your PC and try to install QuickBooks Desktop. On getting the QuickBooks error 1303 again, jump to the next solution.

Procedure 2: Set Permissions for System and Groups to Full Control

You can modify the permissions manually in the QuickBooks to allow System and Groups to access the Installation directory to complete the installation without getting QuickBooks error 1303.

  • Press Windows + E simultaneously on your keyboard and Windows File Manager will appear
  • Now type C:\ ProgramData \ COMMON FILES\ in the blank area and hit Enter
  • Click Organize option and then select Properties
  • From under the Security tab hit Advanced option
  • Click Edit and use browse option to see the list of permissions
  • Double-click the System user and checkmark the box for Full Control
  • Select Allow and hit OK
  • Use the same set of steps to grant Full Control to the Everyone user
  • Click OK on the both Windows you have opened previously

Try to install QuickBooks after enabling System user and Everyone user with Full Control to access the installation directory. If the QB installation error 1303 is not removed, then try the next solution.

Procedure 3: Disable Simple File Sharing Option

If none of the solutions brought luck so far, turn off the Simple File Sharing to resolve the QuickBooks error 1303. Follow the bullet-points listed-below:

  • Press Windows + R to open Run Windows
  • Type RunDll32.exe shell32.dll, Options_RunDLL 0 in the blank area and hit Enter
  • Now go to the View tab and scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Settings
  • Locate Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended) in the list and uncheck the box for this option
  • Click Apply and then hit OK

Now check if you are able to install QuickBooks Desktop software.

QuickBooks Desktop Error 1303 Unresolved!

If you are still having trouble in the QuickBooks installation or need professional assistance in the error-resolution, then give us a call at our QuickBooks error support phone number +1 800-579-9430. Our dexterous QB professionals will assist you with step by step troubleshooting solutions until the QuickBooks error 1303 is removed.