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A Comprehensive Guide to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 1000

A Comprehensive Guide to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 1000

QuickBooks error 1000 emerges when you enter an incorrect PIN while using the direct deposit and payroll feature in QuickBooks. If you wish to minimize data loss and corruption, you should resolve the issue as quickly as possible. For that, we have brought this detailed troubleshooting guide to help you fix this issue.

QuickBooks Payroll is developed by Intuit services to run the payroll for various businesses. It eliminates the hassle of handling paper checks, and you can complete all the related tasks using the application. As a user, you might know that a PIN is required every time you send payroll for security purposes. Sometimes, if you use an invalid PIN to send payroll checks or access Payroll Tax Center, you may encounter QuickBooks Error 1000. Hence, the task of timely paying employees is delayed, which reflects wrong on the company’s part. Therefore, we suggest you use this guide to resolve QuickBooks Error 1000.

Our Payroll team has listed the steps in the easiest way possible, but if you are not confident and want instant help or support, call 1.800.579.9430

What is Payroll Error 1000 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Payroll feature holds a company’s reputation, and any error linked to it can be a big bummer. So, before we head to the section on how to fix Payroll error 1000 in QuickBooks, we will explain this error in detail. The message appears with the following text describing the issue and how you can resolve it.

  • “Invalid PIN: You have entered an incorrect PIN three times. Please try again later”.
  • “Problem: The PIN you entered is not valid. Solution Re-enter your PIN. Your PIN must be between 8 and 12 characters and include at least one letter and one number. Now you enter your PIN carefully. [Message Code 1001]”
  • “Problem: The PIN has been entered incorrectly too many times. For security, we’ve temporarily locked access to the payroll service. Solution: Wait 15 minutes and then re-enter your pin. [Message Code 1000]”

A user gets authenticated through the PIN while accessing payroll. The error mentioned above shows messages relating to QuickBooks error code 1000 that may appear when you use an incorrect payroll PIN.

However, accessing payroll is not the only instance of this error. The error code 1000 QuickBooks also appears while trying to connect to your bank account to QB Online. The error message, in this case, states, “Fix your bank connection. Sorry, but there’s a problem with your bank connection. To fix this issue, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your account. (1000).” 

Yet another situation when you face error 1000 QuickBooks is “Error: 1000 – There has been an internal error when processing the request.” You can get this message from the Intuit Software Development Kit (SDK). It signals that some data won’t extract but relate directly to data file corruption. You can encounter this error with the ten years older and larger data files.

Users may face error 1000 QuickBooks Desktop for the following causes:

  1. The leading reason for this error is an incorrect PIN.
  2. If you’re disconnected from the bank, you may encounter this error.
  3. You may see this error if you enter the wrong pin quite a few times.
  4. You will encounter this error when you have significantly large files or are older than ten years.
  5. Losing your network constantly can lead you to face data corruption in the company files, leading to error code 1000 QuickBooks Desktop. 
  6. Altering the same transactions constantly can lead to this error.
  7. If your QB application shuts down abruptly, data corruption may arise in QB, leading to this error. 

If you’re facing these issues, you need to dive into troubleshooting the error immediately. However, you should review some points before you jump into troubleshooting QuickBooks message code 1000. 

The essential considerations to keep in mind before resolving QB error 1000 are as follows:

  1. Try using a different payroll PIN you think can be correct when entering into your bank account. Hopefully, the invalid PIN error will resolve through this point. 
  2. The Caps Lock should be disabled when you enter your password. Further, when you’re getting error code 1000 QuickBooks, it’s better to switch the Num Lock off when using the keyboard on the right side.
  3. Enter your password in a text editor program to check your PIN while typing.
  4. If you get an error message that asks you to wait for a few minutes before trying to enter your PIN again, do as stated. Ensure to recollect your accurate PIN till then.

Now, we will learn how to handle the situation when you are getting error 1000 QuickBooks.

Assured Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 1000

Let us now look at ways by which you can efficiently resolve the QuickBooks error 1000. We have listed various ways for you, hoping you will be able to send payroll checks one way or another.

This solution of reviewing the entered PIN works when you see the “Invalid PIN: You have entered an incorrect PIN three times. Please try again later.” error message on your screen. It denotes that you are not entering the correct pin.

Check that you have used the correct pin. The PIN is 8-12 characters long with at least one letter and a number. Ensure you have not used any special characters in the PIN.

Seeing the “Problem: The PIN has been entered incorrectly too many times. For security, we’ve temporarily locked access to the payroll service. Solution: Wait 15 minutes and then re-enter your pin. [Message Code 1000]” error message means you have exhausted the number of times you can enter the wrong PIN. Now to fix this, do as suggested in the error message, wait 15 minutes, and then re-enter the correct pin.

After waiting 15 minutes and following the above two solutions, we recommend changing the PIN if you still see the QuickBooks error 1000. To have a strong PIN, it must meet specific requirements, and here we have listed them for you.


  • Only a user with an Admin login and password can change the PIN.
  • When deciding on the PIN, ensure that it has a length of 8 to 12 characters.
  • The PIN should contain a mix of letters and numbers.
  • In addition, there should be no special characters in the PIN, i.e., $ % #, etc.
  • To eliminate any issue with the system, review if you have successfully sent payroll earlier from the current computer.

Once the above requirements are fulfilled, here are the steps to help you change the PIN and fix QuickBooks error 1000.

  1. Use your Admin credential and log in to your QuickBooks application.
  2. Go to Employees.
  3. Choose the Send Payroll Data option.
  4. You will see the Send/Receive Payroll Data window launch.
  5. From the window, select Send.
  6. Now, the application will navigate you to the Payroll Service PIN window.
  7. You must choose the Forgot your PIN? option.
  8. Now, use the Password field to type in the Admin password.
  9. Hit the OK button.
  10. When the application asks, generate a new PIN.
  11. Click on Submit.

We hope you will be free of payroll error 1000, but if you have encountered the issue, we suggest updating QuickBooks Payroll. If you do not know the process, here are the steps for the same.

Open QuickBooks Desktop

  1. From the top of the screen, click on the Help menu.
  2. Select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
  3. Now, navigate to the Update Now tab.
  4. Press the Get Updates button. You will see updates if present.
  5. Use the steps as they appear on the screen to receive the newest update.
  6. Finally, install them to see if you are able to send payroll checks or access the Payroll Tax Center.

You might need to reset your payroll pin when you forget it while getting message 1000 QuickBooks Desktop. Take the following actions to reset it correctly:

  1. Check out the link and download the QuickBooks PIN Replacement form.
  2. Enter all the information necessary to fill out the form.
  3. You need to attach any government-issued ID (copy) to your account and PIN.
  4. Now, send the finished form to Intuit.
  5. Finally, access the payroll support to receive a new payroll or PIN.

If your bank account has gotten disconnected and is causing QuickBooks error 1000, you need to resolve it through the following steps. Reviewing, disconnecting, and reconnecting the bank account entails the following steps.

Step 1: Verify the Bank Transactions

Begin by reviewing the already downloaded transactions from your bank to prevent downloading duplicates later. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  1. Head to the Banking tab in QB Online.
  2. Select Transactions, followed by choosing the Bank accounts option.
  3. Tap the blank blue square for the account you wish to disconnect.
  4. Now, select the For Review tab.
  5. Execute the needed steps to add, review, and match the transactions on the list. 

Step 2: Disconnect your bank account

The next step involves disconnecting the problematic bank account as follows:

  1. Head to the Banking section and opt for the Transactions option. 
  2. Select Bank Accounts, followed by tapping the blank blue square for the problematic account you wish to disconnect. 
  3. Select the edit (pencil) icon in the bank account tile you wish to update. Then, click the edit account info option.
  4. Tick the checkbox saying Disconnect this account on save.
  5. Finally, tap Save and finish to end the process.

Step 3: Re-link the Bank Account

You need to reconnect the bank account with QB error 1000. The following steps are necessary for the same:

  1. Move to the bookkeeping section in QB Online.
  2. Tap the Transactions menu. Then, choose the Bank accounts.
  3. Select the Link Account option.
  4. Execute all the instructions that enable reconnecting the account to online banking. 

Step 4: Verify if your Bank Feeds can Connect to Open Banking

When your bank has the necessary support under the Open Banking rules, connecting your credit cards and accounts for real-time and comprehensive accounting and cash flow becomes streamlined. The variances arise between the account type and product coverage of each bank and their account. However, QB is trying to infuse as many banks as possible into the mix. 

So, when the bank accounts aren’t supported, you need to import transactions. Payment accounts are also available in Open Banking.

The above solutions are standardized methods to fix QuickBooks Error 1000. If you have followed the steps in the given way, you will be free of this payroll error 1000. But, if the error stems from some other reason that did not make it to this article, the best way out is to contact the Payroll team at 1.800.579.9430.


What other solutions can help fix QuickBooks Error 1000?

You can resolve QB Error 1000 by executing the following troubleshooting methods:
1. Use the Rebuild and Verify Data Tool by QB.
2. Modify the Firewall and Antivirus Settings if they restrict QB connection.
3. Run QuickBooks in compatibility mode
If you can’t seem to eliminate the issue, try reaching out to the QB specialists for instant resolution. 

What signs does the QB Error 1000 show?

When you encounter QuickBooks Error 1000, you face the following signs:
1. You cannot enter your bank account because it shows an Invalid PIN.
2. The connection to the bank gets interrupted.
3. You can’t access your company file because the software development kit shows specific errors.
4. You may face crashing, freezing, and hanging of the QB application and your system.
5. The mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals may not respond to QB commands quickly. 
6. Occasional glitches in the app show the presence of an error.