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QuickBooks Condense Data Tool: Function & Utilization

QuickBooks Condense Data Tool

QuickBooks is renowned accounting software, used by entrepreneurs and accountants worldwide. This cutting-edge accounting software offers several features and functions that can make your business accounting easy and efficient. At various instances, you need to delete or archive data to save storage space and capacity usage. While doing so, you may encounter a system error impeding you from condensing the Data file. QuickBooks Condense Data Tool is a QuickBooks utility that can troubleshoot the device to resolve the issue. This blog explains about the Condense Repair or Condense Data Utility Tool and its role, usage, functions, and limitations.

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What Is QuickBooks Condense Data Tool?

QuickBooks condense data utility can help you to streamline your company data files. With this tool, you can get rid of the file performance issues due to their vast size. The new QuickBooks Desktop 2019 has this advanced tool that can reduce your file size keeping all transaction details intact. It also prevents any risk of data damage. The latest version of QuickBooks condense data tool is more efficient as compared to QuickBooks 2018 condense data tool.

How to Use QuickBooks Condense Data Utility?

Is your QuickBooks file too large and acquiring excessive storage space? QuickBooks Condense Data can help you reduce QuickBooks file size without causing any data damage. To make this tool work, you need to follow the below-listed steps-

Step 1- First, go to File.

Step 2- Now, tap Utility to proceed further

Step 3- Select Condense Data

Step 4- Now you will get two options to choose,

  • Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date. This will reduce your file size by 40% (18MB).
  • Remove the transactions selected from the company file and select the transactions that you want to delete.

Choose the first one.

Step 5- Now, choose Next, and you will see a prompt, “Working on your file.”

After the successful completion of the process, you will get to know about the status of your file size reduction and location of the backup.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Using QuickBooks Condense Data Tool:

QuickBooks condense data utility in undoubtedly a useful tool to keep your data and files in good shape. However, you need to consider its results in a given-situation before using it to condense your files.

The Results Are Non-Reversible

If you have made your mind to condense your data file then think twice before using QuickBooks Condense Data Utility because the results of this tool are non-reversible. You may use this tool in the following conditions-

  • Having an over-sized file
  • Upgraded all your software
  • When list limit is close to an end
  • Your personnel are agreed with this solution

Not Able To Reduce File in Some Cases

While using ‘Inventory Items,’ your list will not be reduced. Only a few transactions may get condense, causing a minimal reduction in the file size. Besides, open transactions with the tool do not get condensed without altering the file size.

May Not Fix File Damage

When you attempt to repair a damaged company file using QuickBooks Condense Data tool, it may not repair a damaged company file. In this condition, you can go for the solutions such as QuickBooks Recovery of the file by recovering backup or creating a new company file. Payroll transactions, invoice, payments, refund checks, and credit memos are some of the cases where QuickBooks file repair software has various limitations.

Affect Certain Reports

QuickBooks condense data utility affects certain reports when used to reduce the file size such as cash basis reports, reports filtered by class, sales tax liability report, sales and purchase detail report and various others.

Considering above-given points, you should consult with your accounting team and employees before running this tool to condense QuickBooks files. You may also contact 1.800.579.9430 QuickBooks error support to get instant help in managing your company files.

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