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Pro Tips to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Crash Com Error

QuickBooks Crash Com Error

QuickBooks crash com error takes place when you try to email invoices to the customer. When you are all set to send the mail and click OK, QuickBooks com error arises. This is a commonly reported error in the QuickBooks Desktop from users working on various versions of the software: Pro, Premier, & Enterprise. Several reasons can prompt crash com error in QuickBooks Desktop while emailing invoices, reports, or paystubs. To find the possible causes and troubleshooting solutions for QuickBooks crash error, read this post until the end.

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Reasons Promoting QuickBooks Crash Com Error Windows 10

There are multi-pronged reasons that can promote QuickBooks crash com error while emailing transactions in the program. Check the below-listed points-

  • Improper or partial installation of the QuickBooks Desktop is one of the main reasons behind QuickBooks com error
  • Damaged or missing components of Windows or MS Office
  • Possible infection caused due to malicious virus or malware
  • QuickBooks is unable to communicate with the Email Client
  • Accidental deletion of the QuickBooks related filed while working with the program can also evoke QuickBooks 2017 crash com error
  • Firewall hindering QuickBooks communication process

How to Fix Crash Com Error in QuickBooks Desktop?

Below are the steps that can help you in the error resolution for QuickBooks crash com error. Follow the steps in their given sequence to ensure the efficacy of the troubleshooting procedure.

Solution 1: Repair Windows & Microsoft Office

Unresponsive or damaged Windows components may give rise to QuickBooks error crash when sending an email. Therefore, you need to repair Windows and Microsoft Office.

  • Repair MS Office and it will remove the unresponsive components required for QuickBooks communication
  • Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version and restart your system
  • Update Windows to the latest released version.
  • Locate and remove software installed on your system that may hinder QuickBooks from communicating with the email client

If QuickBooks crashes on sending forms after following this solution, then move to the next.

Solution 2: Modify Your Firewall & Internet Security Settings

Make sure that your Firewall of Internet security is not blocking the Internet access for QuickBooks needed to communicate with the email service.

  • Configure ports and exceptions to your QuickBooks Firewall
  • Run QuickBooks File Doctor to open QuickBooks Firewall Ports locally or over the network. You may also utilize the tool to configure your Windows Firewall.
  • Restart the system and send an email again to check if the error if fixed. Move to the next troubleshooting procedure, if the same error continues.

Solution 3: Run Full Virus Scan on Your System

Running a malware scan on your system can help you to detect the infections within the system, causing QuickBooks crash com error. If QuickBooks send forms freezes or crashes after running the full scan for virus infections, jump to the next solution.

Solution 4: Set up Outlook as the Default Emailing App

Set Outlook as your default mailing application and send your transactions from the new email application.

  • From the Control Panel, select mail
  • Now select Microsoft Outlook
  • Next, select Show Profile from within Mail Setup window
  • Mark radio button against Always use this profile
  • Choose Prompt for a Profile and hit Apply to proceed further
  • Toggle the selection back to Always use this Profile, click Apply then OK to finish the task

QuickBooks Keeps Closing Due To Crash Com Error!

If QuickBooks crashes error continues to appear while you attempt to email invoices, it is wise to go for professional help instead of killing your crucial bookkeeping time. Just dial our QuickBooks error support number 1.800.579.9430 to troubleshoot the error. The experts will find and fix the issue causing QuickBooks crash error in a speedy manner.