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How to Open QBW File without QuickBooks? Explained

Open QBW File without QuickBooks

To open a QBW file without QuickBooks is not normal, but sometimes you may not be able to open or access your company file from within the QuickBooks. However, you may open your company file without QuickBooks and check your financial reports. Use Export to Excel feature in QuickBooks to export your company file in Microsoft Excel and open it from its new location. This post can help you to open your company file in your computer irrespective of which version of QuickBooks software you are using.

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What Is QuickBooks Company (.QBW) File?

QuickBooks company file with the extension .QBW is the primary file type in the program which is used to store your financial information, images, letters, templates, and logos. You can open the file within QuickBooks Desktop by browsing .QBW extension from the File tab.

Instances When You May Need To Open QuickBooks Company (.QBW) File Without QuickBooks:

Some of the cases where you may need to open your company file without QuickBooks are listed below-

  • Switching to a different accounting application is one of the most apparent reasons why you need to open your company file without QuickBooks.
  • When you see “Windows can’t open this file” error and ask you to specify the program you want to use to open your company file.

In these instances, you need to convert your company file into a different file format, readable by other applications on Windows. When you export your company file to Excel file format, QuickBooks enables you to open it in Microsoft Excel.

How Can I Open A QuickBooks Company File Without QuickBooks?

If you are getting Errors Opening QuickBooks Company (.QBW) file in QuickBooks, you may open .qbw file without QuickBooks. To get it done, follow the below-given step by step procedures.

Step 1.

Click Start icon from your Desktop and hover your mouse on All Programs. When the program list opens, find and click Intuit to choose QuickBooks.

Step 2.

Right-click on the company file you want to open and choose Open from the drop-down. Enter the password if prompted and then select Customers, Vendors, or Employees located at the top of the Window and then Select Customer Center.

Step 3.

Now you need to choose the Excel option located on the top of the screen and click Export Excel. It will open an Excel file on your screen, name the file and Save it to your Computer. Now hit the Export button.

Step 4.

Open the imported file from Excel Version 2010 or later as you may not be able to open it from an older version. However, the best practice is to open .QBW file without QuickBooks from the latest version of Excel.

Step 5.

After importing the file, click the Data tab and then choose and hit on the Other Resources tab.

Step 6.

Now search the .qbw file from the window, and if you are not able to locate it, search it separately.

Step 7.

Click the new .QBW file on finding, and it will open instantly.

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Sometimes, you may not be able to open a QBW file without QuickBooks due to some technical unease in running the procedure of a damaged or malfunctioned QuickBooks. Fret not! Just dial our QuickBooks support helpline number 1.800.579.9430 to get immediate assistance importing QuickBooks file in Excel so that you can open .qbw file without QuickBooks.