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How To Handle QuickBooks File Doctor Errors? Explained

QuickBooks File Doctor Errors

QuickBooks File Doctor errors can prevent you from using the tool to perform its job. The QuickBooks File Doctor is devised by Intuit to find and fix multi-faceted QB glitches, including corruption in company data files, damaged QuickBooks network, and different Windows problems. Earlier, there were two different solutions to fix company file and network issues, namely: QB Company File Diagnostic Tool (QCFD) for company file issues QB Network Connectivity Diagnostic Tool (QNCD) for network issues. However, later they combined as one. In this post, we will discuss various QuickBooks File Doctor errors and fix them using simple steps. 

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Various Instances Of QFD Tool Errors In QuickBooks Desktop Application

When you try to use QFD Tool to repair data or network damage issue, you may see the different QuickBooks File Doctor errors as stated in the below-given list: 

  • QuickBooks File Doctor won’t open 
  • QuickBooks File Doctor hangs
  • QuickBooks File Doctor blank
  • QuickBooks File Doctor not responding 
  • QuickBooks File Doctor file in use
  • QuickBooks File Doctor update error 15270

How To Resolve QuickBooks File Doctor Is Not Working Error?

If you are getting QuickBooks File Doctor errors while trying to repair QuickBooks company file, follow the below-given steps to resolve the error: 

Solution 1: Launch QuickBooks File Doctor Manually

Follow the below-given steps to get the task done: 

  • Launch QuickBooks File Doctor  and wait for the No Company Open popup to appear on the screen
  • Now go the Files >> Utilities >> click on Repair File and Network Problems
  • Hit OK when the new dialogue box opens.
  • Now the application will be opened by QuickBooks File Doctor with the Windows Administrator rights. Click Yes in this box. 
  • Hit Continue when you see a wrench icon to open the QuickBooks File Repair software.
  • Login your file using accurate credentials. It will make QuickBooks File Doctor start working on your damaged company file 
  • Now from the Advanced Settings, choose File Diagnosis Only.
  • Click Next

Open the company file and check if the error is fixed. If not, follow the solution two as described below. 

Solution 2: Restore The Backup Of Damaged Files 

This procedure will help you to replace the damaged file with the one that QuickBooks has backed up automatically. Follow the below-given steps to fix QuickBooks File Doctor errors. 

  • Open QuickBooks and select Open or Restore from the File tab.
  • Click on Next.
  • Now you need to click on Local Backup and further click on Next button. 
  • In the Look-in drop-down list, select the location of the backup file.
  • Next, choose the backup file with .QBB extension and click Open.
  • Click Next, and in the Save In the drop-down menu, choose the location where you want to restore the file. 
  • Save the file with a suitable name, and it will automatically take the extension .QBW

Solution 3: Put QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Too To Use 

If QuickBooks File Doctor errors persist, then you can try using QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool. When you create your file, QuickBooks ADR tool examines the file to ensure that it has no error. It will save a backup copy in the ADR folder. After every 12 hours, ADR will take the backup of the new changes in the company data file. 

Need To Connect With A QB Expert? 

If none of the above-described solutions can fix the “QuickBooks File Doctor fails” issue, give us a call on our helpline number 1.800.579.9430. It will connect you with an expert who will guide you in the resolution of QuickBooks File Doctor errors.