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Here’s How to Import Banking Transactions into QuickBooks Online

import banking transactions into quickbooks

There are plenty of reasons you might want to import banking transactions into QuickBooks Online. Better shared access to financial data, no need to update/upgrade, robust security, and easy payment options makes it one of the most preferred accounting solutions among the business owners and accountants. Importing banking transactions into QBO can help you to keep track of your income & expenditure, and you get betters insights into your business performance. In this blog, we will see how to import banking transactions into QuickBooks with comprehensive steps.

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How to Import Bank Feeds into QuickBooks Online?

Automatic import of banking transactions into QuickBooks Online can save a significant amount of your time by preventing you from manually entering each transaction.

Solution 1: Import Banking Transactions Automatically In QBO

Ensure that you have the correct user ID and password of your bank before getting started with the banking transaction import process in QBO.

  • In QuickBooks Online Banking tab, type your bank name in the provided search box or select your bank from the list right underneath the search box.
  • After selecting your bank, you will see the login screen of the bank where you need to provide the right login credentials of the bank and wait for the QuickBooks to connect with your bank.
  • Now you will see the accounts you have with this bank, and you need to checkmark the boxes against each account you want to connect with the QuickBooks Online.
  • Provide all the details of the bank accounts such as name, detail, account type, description. On providing all the required information, click Save and then Close to confirm the changes you have made.
  • Select the date range for the banking transactions you want to import into QuickBooks Online. Make sure that the date range does not exceed the maximum limit that is 90 days.
  • Now you can click the Connect button to connect and download bank transactions to QuickBooks Online. Before you click Connect, make sure that you haven’t selected any account, you don’t want to look for in QuickBooks.

Once you complete the process fail-safely, the downloaded transactions will appear on the For Review tab.

Solution 2: Import Banking Transactions Manually In QBO

You may have to import banking transactions into QuickBooks Online 2019 when you are not able to locate your bank account. In addition, if you want to import the data of more than 90 days to your bank account, then this method can help you. You have to import the transactions using an Excel format known as .CSV. To complete this procedure, follow the below-listed steps-

  • From the left icon bar in the Banking Center, select Transactions and Banking, and you will see QuickBooks Online Banking Transactions tab
  • Now from the very bottom of the screen, find and click on Upload a file tab
  • Browse and select the file you want to upload to the QBO
  • On QuickBooks Online Bank File Upload Window, select the bank account you want to link to the QuickBooks and then proceed to the next step
  • You have to set up the QuickBooks account by providing the right information on the following fields- Account Type, Detail Type, Name, & Description.
  • Now map your QuickBooks Online fields to your financial institution’s account field.
  • Checkmark the boxes against the transactions you want to export into QuickBooks Online and confirm the transactions by selecting Yes
  • Once the transactions imported successfully, you will see the QuickBooks Online Bank Transactions Import Success Window. You may now review the imported transactions and from the For Review tab.

NOTE: QuickBooks uses Web Connector to create a connection with the online banking and if this utility is damaged or corrupt QuickBooks Online might not work with the Chrome browser. If you suspect that the error is evolving because of this reason then follow our article How to Fix QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085.

Error in Exporting Banking Transactions!

For several technical reasons, you may see an error message “QuickBooks was not able to complete your request. Please contact your financial institution” while importing banking transactions into QBO. Besides, you may encounter some other technical issues while importing QuickBooks Online bank feeds. Fret not! Just dial our QuickBooks error support phone number 1.800.579.9430 and import banking transactions into QuickBooks with hassle-free assistance.