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Eliminate the Technical Distress Caused By QuickBooks Error PS060

Eliminate the Technical Distress Caused By QuickBooks Error PS060

QuickBooks error PS060 can be seen while using the payroll service in QuickBooks Desktop. Unfortunately, encountering this error can interrupt your work and cause significant issues and delays. However, you can fix this issue immediately by following this comprehensive guide about the error.

Payroll subscription with the QuickBooks application offers numerous benefits to business owners to streamline their payroll process. However, technical issues are an integral part of the QuickBooks experience, and your payroll management can get hindered by issues such as QuickBooks payroll error PS060. The error can be triggered due to various issues we will dig into and fix in this blog. Read the post carefully until the end to eliminate this annoying error code PS060.

Receiving QuickBooks update error PS060 while using QB payroll service? Dial our QuickBooks error support number 1.800.579.9430 and get the error eliminated by professionals.

What does QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS060 Mean?

Payroll error PS060 QuickBooks Desktop occurs when a regular user performs the payroll operations in QuickBooks software. When the QuickBooks payroll error ps060 crops up, you will see an error message that says, “Current Enhanced Payroll Service is Unavailable.” You may not be able to manage your business payroll until the error PS060 is fixed.

Expired payroll or internet connectivity issues can bring forth QuickBooks error code PS060. The QB-payroll-related errors appear while you work on it. Incorrect time and date settings, inadequate payroll billing information, or an outdated QuickBooks application may also cause this error.

The error messages you may receive with the error code PS060 QuickBooks include the following:

While sending paychecks with direct deposit: “We’re sorry. We’ve encountered a Payroll Service connection error and could not send your payroll information”.

While updating your QuickBooks Payroll: “We’re sorry. QuickBooks have encountered a problem with payroll. It needs to close.”

To resolve the error, you need to understand the possible causes behind the error in the first place.

Multitudinous factors can trigger the error code PS060 in QuickBooks Desktop. The expiry date of the payroll service subscription is one of the most apparent reasons behind the error code. Let’s check the remaining causes in the list given below:

  • PS060 QuickBooks Desktop can arise when Intuit’s server is down
  • An outdated or discontinued version of the QB application can trigger the error code ps060 on the QB desktop.
  • Third-party security applications blocking QB can also start error code PS060 in QB Desktop.
  • It can be a malicious virus or malware attack behind the PS060 error in QB Desktop.
  • Not being able to renew your payroll subscription because of insufficient billing or credit card information can trigger this error.

Due to these glitches, you may face the error PS060 QuickBooks. You may implement the following troubleshooting solutions to rectify the problem.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error Code PS060?

To eliminate QuickBooks Desktop error code PS060, follow the below-explained solutions in their given sequence carefully. However, before doing so, try the following points so that error PS060 QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t cause data loss:

  1. Your internet access should be stable and strong.
  2. You should switch to the single-user mode while using QuickBooks and updating the app and payroll features.
  3. Verify whether your payroll subscription is active. 
  4. Ensure the date and time settings on your system are accurate.
  5. Turn Internet Explorer into your default browser.

Now, let’s jump into the troubleshooting sequence for error code PS060 QuickBooks Desktop:

You should ensure that your credit card details are accurate. Hopefully, you won’t see QuickBooks message code PS060 after updating this information:

For QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Service:

  • In QuickBooks Desktop, go to Product & Services and click your subscribed payroll service
  • Under the Billing Information tab, locate Payment Method and click Edit for Payment Method
  • Now provide the accurate payment details and click Save and Close
  • Check if all the payroll subscription information, such as billing and various others, is correct

For QuickBooks Online Payroll Service:

  • Open QBO and hit the Gear icon, and select Account and Settings
  • Now click the Billing & Subscription option
  • From under the Payment Method tab, hit Edit

Now you may change your billing or credit card information as required and check if the PS060 QuickBooks Desktop is fixed. Then, try the next set of steps if the error continues.

If you’re getting error PS060 due to Intuit’s server maintenance, you can do nothing but patiently wait for the server to respond. However, you may resume work when Intuit’s website server starts working correctly.

Common Internet connectivity and Firewall issues are primary catalysts for getting error code PS060. You can troubleshoot these issues by following our detail-oriented article on QuickBooks Payroll error 12029.

To remove the Temporary Internet Files and folder used by Internet Explorer, follow the below-given steps:

  • Open IE and then select Internet Options
  • Now go to the Browsing History section and click Delete under the General tab
  • Mark the option Website Files and Temporary Internet Files before you proceed further
  • Next, click Delete and then click OK to confirm

When QuickBooks Error PS060 hampers the payroll, Clean Install Utility will help you through the process.

Clean Install Program is available in the Tool Hub, and you must first install the Tool Hub on your system. Our experts recommend downloading and installing the tool hub on Windows 10, 64-bit; after that, you must run the Clean Install Tool.

When you run the Clean Install Tool, the old installation folders are automatically renamed for you. Therefore, when you attempt to install QuickBooks, it creates new files, and you can tackle any old glitches.

  1. Double-click on the Tool Hub icon.
  2. Select the Installation Issues option.
  3. Choose Clean Install Tool and then OK.
  4. Click on your version of QuickBooks before selecting Continue.
  5. Choose OK when prompted with the following message “Please install your copy of QuickBooks to the default location.”

If you’re still getting error PS060 QuickBooks Desktop non-stop, try this method:

  1. Launch the Run window by simultaneously holding the Windows + R keys on the keyboard. 
  2. When the run dialogue box appears on the screen, type CMD and press Enter to prompt search results.
  3. After pressing Enter, you will get a black screen of the command prompt window where you must type ipconfig/flushdns.
  4. Press Enter and recheck your payroll to see if the QuickBooks error PS060 persists. 

Subscription and billing issues are also significant triggers of QuickBooks PS060 errors. Therefore, adjusting their settings can help fix the issue as follows:

  1. In your QuickBooks application, go to the ‘My account’ section.
  2. Here, choose the company you wish to edit, and go to their billing section to ‘Edit.’
  3. View all the information and adjust wherever needed. Then, save and exit to update the payment information.
  4. Verify if the billing details are accurate by looking into the preview.
  5. End by saving the changes and logging out. 

You can check this user-friendly guide on how to delete the Temporary Internet Files folder if you are getting the error code ps060.

When you are getting error code PS060 QuickBooks, you should check and end all the tasks in the Task manager. Other programs running in the background and interfering with QB will prompt you to stop them. The detailed steps to end the processes in the task manager are as follows:

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, and tap the Processes section. 
  2. Right-click each QB operation individually and tap the End Processes button.
  3. It will terminate all the tasks and hopefully resolve the error PS060 QB. 

In the course of using your browser for different purposes, you may modify the settings considerably. You may be getting error PS060 QuickBooks due to this problem. Restoring the modifications and returning to the original position can help fix the error as follows:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer and search for
  2. Move to Tools and Internet options on the browser.
  3. Tap the Advanced option. Look for the features that state Reset/Restore Defaults.
  4. Finish the process by clicking Apply and OK.

You can use QuickBooks Tool Hub when you are getting message PS060 QuickBooks Desktop. This Tool Hub is a one-stop shop to resolve all the errors relating to payroll, updates, installation, etc. Download and install this program as follows:

  1. Open the Intuit website from the browser and look for the download link for QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. When you find it, allow it to download to the default folder or browse to choose a custom one.
  3. Once the download is successful, you can start installing the tool hub by double-clicking the .exe file. 
  4. Accept and agree to the terms and conditions and finish the installation by responding to all the wizards.
  5. Once done, start using QB Tool Hub by tapping its icon on the desktop. 

In QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can find the following tools to resolve QuickBooks Error PS060:

  1. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool in the Installation Issues section helps with resolving problems in updating and installing the application.
  2. Quick Fix My Program in the Program Problems tab fixes the performance issues of the application.
  3. QuickBooks Database Server Manager in the Network Issues section can resolve problems in connectivity and the multi-user mode.

Thus, you can be PS060 error-free in no time. 

Do you Need Expert Help to Fix Error PS060 QuickBooks Desktop?

If you want the error troubleshooting done under the guidance of a certified QB professional, then you can dial our QuickBooks error support phone number 1.800.579.9430. Like a pro, you can receive comprehensive assistance connecting and fixing QuickBooks error PS060. Feel easy to contact us!

Can I also get this error if the Microsoft Security Certificates are Expired?

QuickBooks Error code PS060 may occur because the Windows Security Certificate is expired. Therefore, we suggest you update your Windows or get the latest certificate update from Microsoft.

What Internet browser should I set as default to avoid error PS060?

Updating  QuickBooks requires Internet explorer; therefore, if its settings restrict the update of QuickBooks Error PS060 is bound to happen. Hence, if the solutions in this article have not worked to fix the error, you must use set Internet Explorer as your default browser.

Explain the things to remember before troubleshooting the PS060 QuickBooks error.

Before beginning to troubleshoot the PS060 error QuickBooks, remember the following points:
1. Ensure a reliable and seamless internet connection.
2. Prefer Single-user mode, especially while updating QuickBooks Desktop or payroll.
3. Choose Internet Explorer to fix this issue.
4. Ensure having all the information to renew your subscription

What does a credit card have to do with payroll error PS060 QB?

Incorrect credit card information can cause payroll error PS060 in QuickBooks. When you save the details of a particular credit card for auto-renewal of a subscription, issues with the credit card can prompt the error in QB. Therefore, seeing these changes is critical to ensure a smooth ride. 

How to check internet connectivity issues when QuickBooks Error PS060 arises?

If you are facing QuickBooks Error PS060 because of an unstable internet connection, you should check the connection strength. You can do so by opening the browser and searching for any topic. See how long it takes for the results to emerge. Test the internet speed and resolve any errors and lags caused by this problem. Hopefully, the error PS060 QB Desktop will get eliminated with this step.