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How to Fix Perplexing Error 80040408 in QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks Error 80040408

QuickBooks error 80040408 is one of the most daunting error codes that occur due to improper configuration setup of QuickBooks in the multi-user environment. When the error arrives, it gives an error message, “BeginSessionError Code: 80040408 could not start QuickBooks.” There are numerable possible reasons that can trigger the 80040408 while using QuickBooks in a multi-user mode, and therefore, its resolution becomes a hard nut to crack. However, reading this post until the end can help in resolving error 80040408 in QuickBooks.

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Possible Causes Behind QuickBooks Error Code 80040408

Error: 80040408 can be resulted due to multi-faceted technical factors, you can find in the below-given list:

  • When Quick Start option is enabled in QuickBooks software
  • QuickBooks is already being used in the single-user mode causing QB Desktop error 80040408
  • When the QuickBooks file is renamed and becomes accessible to a separate file
  • The QuickBooks file is moved from its original location, and the path of the file has now changed from
  • what you set up in QQube Configuration device
  • QuickBooks is open to a specific company file before trying to load multiple company files
  • QuickBooks is unable to run in the multi-user environment as the dedicated network user has logged out
  • QuickBooks is currently used by the same QuickBooks QQube user configured to connect to the QuickBooks
  • Multiple instances of QQube Synchronizer running on the server or workstation

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Message 80040408?

After knowing the possible causes of the error, let’s proceed with some general troubleshooting solutions to resolve Intuit QB Error Code 80040408:

Solution 1: Turn Off Quick Start Option

To disable the Quick Start feature in QuickBooks, you need to navigate through the General tab and click My Preferences. Now locate Quick Startups and un-check the box against the same. If the same error remains unfixed, try the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 2: Log out All Other Users from QuickBooks

QuickBooks error 80040408 can be triggered when another user in the program is performing an administrative task on a remote system. In this case, logging out all the users from the QuickBooks program can resolve the problem.

Solution 3: Modify Settings on QQube Configuration Tool on Window

To get the job done, follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to the QQube Configuration Tool window
  • Click on Database from under Advanced Options and then hit Show More button
  • Now checkmark the boxes against Synchronizer and Database Manager options

Note: Try to perform the same steps giving error code after applying every single troubleshooting solution and then move to the next one if the QB Begin Session Failed Error = 80040408 continues.

Solution 4: Rename QuickBooks Company File to Its Original One

When the name of the company file is changed, you can modify the name of your company file, as listed earlier in the QQube Configuration Tool. Alternatively, you can remove the company file to name it back to the original. You need to have a multi-user version where you can perform the renaming on the server. Try the next method if unable to open QuickBooks error 80040408 continues troubling you.

Solution 5: Restore the Original Path of the File

QB doesn’t Start Error 80040408 can be caused due to the change in the company file path when someone moves it from its original location. In this scenario, you need to change the path of the company file by utilizing the QQube Configuration Tool.

NOTE: Make sure to update the QuickBooks Desktop application if none of the troubleshooting steps help.

Need Help Resolving QuickBooks Error 80040408!

If none of the above-given solutions can fix QuickBooks error 80040408, then dial our QB error support phone number 1.800.579.9430 for a guaranteed error-resolution. Call and connect with our expert and give details about the error code.