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QuickBooks Web Connector has Stopped Working | Fixed

QuickBooks Web Connector has Stopped Working

QuickBooks Web Connector has stopped working is a commonly reported error in the program that occurs when using it to connect your apps to QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector is developed by Microsoft and helps a regular user to connect third-party applications to the QB Desktop. When you connect QuickBooks to a third-party application, QBWC Tool enables the data exchange between the two platforms regardless of which version of QuickBooks you are using.

However, various technical issues promote errors in the Desktop Web Connector in QuickBooks. You will not find any error code in the message, but it says- “QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector error. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.” One of the most apparent reasons for QBWC error is when the QB Web Connector gets outdated.

To get rid of this annoying technical issue, read this post until the end and if you need the help of an expert, then dial QuickBooks Support Number 1.800.579.9430

QuickBooks Web Connector Stopped Working: Primary Causes

QuickBooks Online Web Connector is an independent tool from QuickBooks, and it may stop working when not configured correctly on Windows. Below are the reasons that can evoke the “Disable QuickBooks web connector server 2016” error message on your screen.

  • Improper installation of QBWC Tool
  • Outdated QuickBooks Web Connector
  • Missing log file used by Web Connector
  • Windows user does not have Administrative Right

How To Rectify QuickBooks Web Connector Not Working Error?

When Web Connector QuickBooks stops working while syncing an application with the QuickBooks, you may treat the possible causes of the error to fix the nuisance.

Solution 1: Create New User & Grant Administrative Rights

If the windows user does not have the administrative rights, you can create a new User and assign the Administrative Rights to it. Check how to create a new user account in Windows 10. Once the user account is created, go to the Account Type and select Administrator. Click OK, and the new user has administrative rights required to run the QuickBooks Web Connector efficiently.

Solution 2: Un-Install & Re-Install QuickBooks Web Connector

Improper installation of the QuickBooks web connector tool can bring forth the error connecting to QB Web Connector. In this case, you can uninstall the tool and then reinstall it for the error-resolution.

  • Press Windows + R, insert Control Panel in the Run box, and click OK
  • Now click Uninstall a program
  • Select Web Connector from the list and click Uninstall
  • If you are unable to find Web Connector from the list of the programs, you need to search the QBWebconnector
  • folder manually in C Drive and delete it on finding.
  • Download the QuickBooks Web Connector installer and save the folder to an easily accessible location
  • Now unzip the downloaded installation folder
  • Run the .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions carefully to finish the task.

Note: The fresh installation of QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector ensures that the Windows components essential to remove the error are also installed at the same time. If the “QuickBooks online Web Connector has Stopped Issue” error continues to appear on the screen, then try the next procedure.

Solution 3: Define Permissions for the Log File on Windows

To set permissions for the log file on Windows, follow the below-listed steps-

  • Right-click on the log files for which you want to set the permissions.
  • Click the Properties from the drop-down and then click the Security tab from the top
  • Click Edit and then locate Permissions for <Object> dialog box.
  • To change the permissions, click the name of the group or user, and then select the Allow checkbox.

Various Error-Codes Related to QuickBooks Web Connector Error:

There are several instances when you may get an error while using the QuickBooks Web Connector error. Below is the list of some common issues related to the QB Web Connector Tool:

QBWC1005, or 1006: QuickBooks Web Connector failed to run

QBWC1007, 1008, 1009, 1022, 1023, or 1024: An error occurred in Web Connector error when connecting to QuickBooks

QBWC1030: Password is not available for the application

QBWC1033: QB web connector failed to initialize QWCLog.txt file and will not run

QBWC1048: Disable QuickBooks Web Connector could not verify the web application server certificate

No Luck with the Troubleshooting!

This blog post covers the important aspects of QuickBooks Online Web Connector error along with elaborated troubleshooting procedures. Also, you may find some other issues related to QB Web Connector in this blog. However, if you find QuickBooks web connector  troubleshooting procedures perplexing, just dial our QuickBooks support phone number 1.800.579.9430. Along with QuickBooks Web Connector has Stopped Working issue, you may get help for multi-faceted issues related to QBWC Tool.