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How to Overcome QuickBooks FCS Service is Damaged Error?

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How to Overcome QuickBooks FCS Service is Damaged Error?

A common complaint by QuickBooks users is that their QuickBooks FCS service is damaged. Intuit’s QuickBooks software includes an FCS exe file that identifies, initiates, and executes QuickBooks updates. These files begin running after successful updates download. However, the damage to the FCS service can make the entire process suffer. Many error messages may also flash on the screen, indicating this issue. Despite the software’s greatness, it can trouble the ultimate users. The reasons for FCS service getting damaged can be many. However, we aim to guide you towards practical fixes to this challenging issue. Know more about the error, why it occurs, and what symptoms indicate its presence. Furthermore, get step-by-step assistance to resolve this issue by yourself.

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Details About the Intuit FCS Service is Damaged in QuickBooks

Before diving into the error, let us first be clear about what Intuit FCS service entails. Intuit QuickBooks File Copy Service manages the file transfer process while the application updates. This exe file has several system privileges like full admin rights. The FCS file also utilizes the .NET framework downloaded on the computer.

 However, while figuring out and bringing the payroll updates to the system, the FCS file may get interrupted or terminated unexpectedly. The error codes depicting the attack of this error on the system include:

Such issues require immediate attention for the smooth continuance of the work. 

The various reasons causing the FCS service terminated unexpectedly issue are as follows:

1.    Corrupt Windows Registry

An update or modification in QuickBooks in recent times may cause the Windows registry on the Desktop to go corrupt. This issue can cause damage to the FCS service.

2.    Damaged or Disputed QB FCS 

An occasional reason for the error is that the existing QuickBooks File Copy Service is disputed or damaged.

3.    Antivirus Restrictions

If the antivirus system downloaded to your system restricts FCS from working smoothly, it may cause blockages in accessing the downloaded files.

4.    Inactive QuickBooks Subscription

Using an inactive and old subscription to the QuickBooks application can cause FCS service terminated unexpectedly error. 

5.    Outdated QB Payroll 

FCS service can get damaged if you use old and outdated payroll versions of the QuickBooks application. 

6.    Incomplete Installation

A primary reason damaging FCS can be incomplete or inappropriate updates installation. Interruptions in the update procedure may cause the FCS service to not run properly.

After knowing the causes for FCS.exe stopped working error, let us jump into symptoms indicating its presence:

  1. A primary effect of FCS not working lies in the slow working of the program. The sluggish responses to commands and the blue loading circle signify an error strike.
  2. System crashing is a consequence of FCS working disability. Users may encounter this problem while executing updates.
  3. A freezing PC or device is another indication of the issue.
  4. Error message 15243 popping on the screen indicates directly about the infestation by the issue. 

These symptoms can affect the productive routine and require immediate resolution. Quick, detailed, and effective fixes for FCS.exe stopped working error can work wonders for QuickBooks users stuck in this situation.

No Need to Look Further- Troubleshooting Solutions are Here

Thorough insights into the error, causes, and symptoms lead us to the final part- resolution methods. Let us dive into this step-wise guide to the FCS damage issue:

Trouble in the FCS.exe file can get resolved through the following solution: 

  1. Launch the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows and R keys simultaneously. 
  2. When the search box appears, type in “services.msc,” hit enter, and initiate the search for Intuit QuickBooks FCS. 
  3. After finding the same, choose QuickBooks FCS, and switch the window to Intuit QB FCS properties. 
  4. Here, select the Manual option >Startup type > OK. You will reach the end of this solution.

Once this process is over, launch QuickBooks and verify whether you can access the run payroll. 

Execute this method by undertaking the following steps:

  • Launch the QuickBooks application on the device and go to the Employees menu section.
  • From there, choose the My Payroll Service option and checkmark the Accounting/ Billing information available.
  • Opt for the Exit option to begin the validation process. Let it run successfully by waiting for the time being.
  • Further, try to re-update your QuickBooks payroll and complete validation after the update. 

No issue or FCS damage may remain post update. But if it does, you should try the next solution. 

Often, the message pops up stating FCS service is disabled. Just turning it the other way can fix your issue. Therefore, the steps required are:

  • Open the Run window by giving Windows + R command to the system.
  • Enter COMPMGMT.MSC in the search box opened and hit OK.
  • A computer management window pops on the screen, requiring an action. Therefore, click on the Services and Application button. 
  • Here, you must tick mark the services box and search for Intuit QuickBooks FCS in the list to double tap.
  • Next, go to Startup Type option > Manual > Apply > Ok.

It is advisable to finish this step by revalidating the QB payroll’s service key. The process will help refresh the connection and hopefully resolve the issue. 

Wrapping Up

QuickBooks FCS is a pretty valuable component of the QuickBooks application. Therefore, if the QuickBooks FCS service is damaged, it can fluster the user. Although it can be challenging to understand the complications, we hope we have broken the guide into enough steps for your understanding. However, if the doubts and issues persist, the experts are one call away at +1 800-579-9430

FAQ’s for QuickBooks FCS Services is Damaged

Does the FCS Service Getting Damaged Issue Occur Only in Specific Windows OS? Are the Solutions Different for All?

No, the FCS service gets damaged on every Windows, be it Windows 10, XP, 7, Vista, etc. Also, the solutions work equally effectively in all cases. The differences may appear in the options name, but the process stays the same.

What is the Process of Getting Tax Tables to Resolve the FCS Damage Issue?

Downloading the latest payroll tax tables requires initiating the following steps:
1. Choose the Employees option from the Menu bar and select the Get Payroll Updates option.
2. There, choose to download the entire payroll update and hit the Update option.
3. After the download completes, the user will get the following message on the screen, “Your computer has installed a new tax table and updates to your payroll tax form.”
4. Apply  these changes by clicking accept and agreeing to the on-screen instructions.