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QuickBooks Error 6138 105 ? Follow this Robust Troubleshooting

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QuickBooks Error 6138 105 ? Follow this Robust Troubleshooting

If you are looking for robust software to help you with bookkeeping, accounting, maintaining transactions, and financial records, then QuickBooks will be your answer. It is a widely used accounting software employed for various financial tasks. Regardless of its powerfully built technical base, it occasionally puts specific errors forward. QuickBooks error 6138 105 can be due to numerous reasons, which we will evaluate in the blog below. Additionally, we have enlisted some robust, quick, and effortless troubleshooting methods to overcome this error easily.

Troubleshooting errors affiliated with the company file can be risky since even a single misstep can result in data loss, corruption, or other technical glitches. Therefore, you must let the experts do their job by contacting them at +1 800-579-9430

Causes for the QuickBooks error 6138 105    

Evaluating and analyzing errors will give you a broader perspective. It will also assist you finding the most appropriate solution, which will overcome the QuickBooks error code 6138 105 in the initial attempt.

  1. Hosting or setting up the QuickBooks company file or the QuickBooks software was inappropriate.
  2. The QB application might not have specific administrative rights.
  3. Error 6138 105 in QuickBooks is also seen when you have not stored the company file in local storage.
  4. If you have not updated the QuickBooks software to the latest released version, which is making the QuickBooks incompatible with the system.
  5. The security applications installed in your system are not configured properly since they may be blocking the accessibility to the company file.
  6. Admission of infectious components such as viruses or malware can also be a prime reason for the error.

Sometimes unstable Internet connectivity is the reason behind QuickBooks desktop error 6138 105. Assure you have a strong Internet connection and have updated the QuickBooks software and Microsoft Windows.

Solutions for QuickBooks error 6138 105

Since the users are well aware of the causes behind the error, eradication becomes much simpler and quicker. We have elaborated on a few practical steps that will assist you in overcoming the problem quickly. We have mentioned three solutions, out of which you can imply whichever suits you the best. Proceed with the troubleshooting by executing the steps given below.

Sometimes after QuickBooks software is not installed correctly, the hosting in the application’s setup can become the reason for multiple errors. Further, while troubleshooting, you must ensure that only one server is hosting the company file and you are running QuickBooks as an administrator. We will fix this issue by following the below-given steps.

  1. On the server system, launch the QuickBooks application and go to the file menu under which you need to click on the utilities.
  2. Now, you are supposed to click on the option that says host multi-user access.
  3. If you see an option that says, ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access,’ skip it.
  4. On other workstations, go to the ‘QBDT’ and tap on the ‘File’ menu.
  5. Under that, select ‘utilities’ and scroll through the options unless you see the ‘host-multi user access’ option.
  6. You must click on the ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’ option. 
  7. Finally, restart the system, and the QuickBooks Error 6138 will be terminated. 

QuickBooks file doctor is an automated error termination tool that helps users abolish errors such as the QuickBooks error code 6138 105. This tool can resolve minor errors affiliated with the company file or network issues. To install and employ the tool, Follow the steps given below.

  1. ‘Intuit’ is the official website from where you can download the QuickBooks File Doctor
  2. You must save the downloaded file to an easily approachable folder.
  3. To use the tool, you must accept all the terms and conditions followed by setting up the tool by implementing the instructions in the dialogue box that will appear on your screen.
  4. Launch the tool and locate the data file, after which you might be prompted to enter the admin credentials.
  5. Enter the particular credentials and permit the tool to settle the error automatically.
  6. Wait until the eradication process gets completed, and then restart the system to see if the error is eliminated or not.

Even a tad bit of misconfiguration can lead to QuickBooks error message 6138 105. The incorrect name assigned to the files can significantly cause a glitch. To overcome the error effectively, we will fix the configuration of the files by renaming them, and to do so; we will follow the instructions given below.

  1. From your home screen, click on the Windows icon, which will take you to the start menu.
  2. In the search bar, search for File Explorer.
  3. In which, you need to select the folder comprising the company file.
  4. The network data file and the transaction log files will be stored under the names:
    1. (company_file.qbw.nd)
    2. (company_file.qbw.tlg)
  5. Carry out the renaming process by adding ‘.old’ extensions at the end of the file names. 
  6. Now, the file names will be identical to the following:
    1. (company_file.qbw.nd.old)
    2. (company_file.qbw.tlg.old)
  7. You can also carry out a similar renaming process with the other files.
  8. Lastly, sign in to the company file by entering the login credentials and restarting the system.
  9. The renaming process will create a new version of the files that will be error-free.

If the above-listed termination guide did not settle QuickBooks error 6138 105, then you must immediately call +1 800-579-9430 and appoint a troubleshooting expert who’ll guide your way out of this error quickly & efficiently.