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How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 390? [Guide by Experts]

How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 390 [Guide by Experts]

QuickBooks Online is a version of the application that allows users to work from anywhere and anytime. It is meant to resolve some common errors linked to QuickBooks Desktop, yet the online version is not entirely free of them. Users may see issues with various application features, and an uncommon error is QuickBooks error 390. It appears with the following message.

“Your Bank is making a change. Until you upgrade your bank connection, your transactions will stop automatically flowing into QuickBooks. To upgrade your connection, you will need to reconnect your account. (390)”

QuickBooks error 390 is quite tricky, but our experts have tried to ease the task of fixing the error for you. Hence, we present this blog that discusses the steps that will eventually eliminate the error code 390 in QuickBooks. You can do it manually or save time and effort by contacting support team on +1 800-579-9430

What are the steps that will eradicate QuickBooks error 390?

Let us now discuss in complete detail how to remove the constant occurrence of QuickBooks error 390.

Step 1: Review your bank transactions

Before we discuss the primary steps to fix QuickBooks error 390, reviewing already downloaded transactions in QuickBooks from your bank is essential. By checking the transactions, you will avoid any duplicates from being downloaded when you reconnect. Let us now see how you can do the same.

  1. Click on the Bookkeeping option.
  2. Choose Transactions, and then Bank accounts.
  3. Use the blue bank square so as to disconnect the bank account.
  4. Navigate to the For Review tab.
  5. Now, you must add, match, and review the transactions.

What is meant by matching the transactions?

Match means that QuickBooks has matched the downloaded transactions to those entered already. As a result, both of them are linked to avoiding any duplicates. Therefore, you must ensure that this process is done correctly, and this is how to accomplish that.

  1. You will see the Match option in the Action column of the downloaded transaction.
  2. Keep a note of the Date, Description, Payee, and amount spent or received.
  3. Click on the downloaded transaction, which will expand the details.
  4. Inspect the Matching records found in QuickBooks.
  5. Choose the link following each match to extract further information.
  6. Next, you will need to examine whether the match is correct.
  7. You can check the Deposit to, Payment method, and Bank account fields of the existing transaction.
  8. You must close the transaction if the match is correct.
  9. Choose Match.

Once you match the transactions, QuickBooks will be aware that the presently downloaded transaction is similar to the one already entered. Hence, QuickBooks will avoid duplicates.

What is the use of Add feature for transactions?

Add option will appear if there was no existing matching transaction. You need to review that no match is present and at last approve it. Here are the steps that you must follow.

  1. First, you must look for the downloaded transaction that has Add option under the Action column.
  2. Once you find this transaction, click on it to extend the view.
  3. Inspect the Category that QuickBooks recommends.
  4. QuickBooks wishes to add the transaction to the recommended category. You can either select QuickBooks choice or put it in a different account. Note: You can also change this later.
  5. Modify the customer or vendor as required.
  6. Scan and add any other details that are required but missing.
  7. Click on Add.

How to Review matched or added transactions?

After completing the process of adding or matching the downloaded transactions, you can review the same. This will ensure that all the data is accurate in the Categorized or Reviewed tab. Though the step is not mandatory, you can avoid QuickBooks error 390 by cross-checking the details.

  1. First, navigate to Bookkeeping.
  2. Click on Transactions and choose Bank transactions.
  3. Select Banking.
  4. Pick the tile for the account.
  5. Now, you must select the Categorized or Reviewed tab.
  6. Use the Added or Matched column and click on the link to review the transaction.

Step 2: Disconnect the bank account to fix QuickBooks error 390

Once the review process of the transactions is completed, it is time to disconnect the bank account, which leads to the QuickBooks error 390.

  1. Click on the Bookkeeping option.
  2. Choose Transactions and then navigate to Bank accounts.
  3. Use the blue bank square for the bank account to be disconnected.
  4. Next to the bank account that you want to update, you must use the pencil icon.
  5. Choose the Edit account info option.
  6. Mark the Disconnect this account on the save checkbox.
  7. Hit on the Save and Close button.

Step 3: Reconnect the bank account from step 2

Now that the bank account causing error code 390 in QuickBooks has been disconnected, you must reconnect it to see if the error appears again.

  1. First, navigate to Bookkeeping.
  2. Click on Transactions, then choose Bank accounts.
  3. Press the Link account button.

Note: Users who navigate from QuickBooks Desktop must connect the bank account again for security grounds.

  • Use the search field to look for the name of the bank you want to reconnect.

To be noted: For those who are unable to find their financial institute, you must upload the bank transactions using the manual procedure.

  • Now, click on Continue and sign in with your online banking credentials.
  • On-screen instructions will guide you on what to do next. You must fulfill the security requirements as per your bank.
  • You must choose the accounts to be connected.
  • Use the account type drop-down to select the one that matches your chart of accounts.
  • Select the date range to download the transactions.
  • Hit on the Connect button and see if QuickBooks error 390 appears.

And with this, our guide on QuickBooks error 390 comes to an end. We hope that you are free of this error or we suggest calling the support Team on +1 800-579-9430 for a prompt solution.