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How To Repair Damaged QuickBooks Data In Easy Steps?

Repair Damaged QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks is customer-centric accounting software used by the small to mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs. It uses QuickBooks company files to store all your crucial business data. Losing data in QuickBooks can pose some severe short and long-term consequences for your business. For smooth operation of your accounting data, you need to repair damaged QuickBooks data errors as soon as they occur. The most intimidating cases of the data damage can be repaired using the QuickBooks database repair tool. Reading this blog until the end can help you to figure what causes QuickBooks data corruption and how to repair the corrupt QuickBooks company file.

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What Are The Main Causes Behind Data Corruption In QuickBooks?

The need to repair damaged QuickBooks data arises when any of the below-given reasons cause data damage:

  • Windows power failure causing QuickBooks to close unexpectedly is one of the most apparent reasons behind company file damage in QuickBooks
  • List data having improper entries from the user can bring forth damaged QuickBooks data issue
  • If the QuickBooks company (.QBW) file has damaged accounts, names, or items, then data corruption will occur certainly
  • A virus or malware infection in the system can also damage your company file

How to Identify If the Company Data File Is Corrupt?

Before you repair damaged QuickBooks data, you need to check in what form does the data damage exists within your accounting software. Below are some main indications that can help you to identify that your company file is damaged:

  • QuickBooks shuts down abruptly while working on it
  • You are not able to find the transaction list within the software or missing transaction list
  • When an unpaid bill or invoice is reflected as paid on the balance sheet
  • An error occurs while auditing the balance sheet
  • Negative balance in the transaction history

How Do I Fix Damaged Data In QuickBooks?

Now that you know the possible causes and instances of the QB data damage, follow the below-given steps to repair damaged QuickBooks data:

Solution 1: Make Use of QuickBooks Verify & Rebuild Data Utility

QuickBooks Verify Data Utility and QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility work together to identify and repair damaged QuickBooks data.

  • Launch QuickBooks and click on File
  • Now click Utilities, and then you have to select Rebuild Data.
  • If you are prompted to back up the data file, click OK
  • Wait for QuickBooks to display “Rebuild has completed” and then click OK.
  • Next, select Verify Data from Utilities and run it to check for the possible data damage.

If QuickBooks finds an issue on running the Verify Data utility, select Rebuild Now to repair damaged QuickBooks Data. If not, select OK and continue to work on your company file.

Solution 2: Repair Damaged Company File Using QuickBooks File Doctor 2019

If data damages persist, then File Doctor is another QuickBooks company file repair tool that can help you to fix the data damage issues. Follow our comprehensive guide on how to use QuickBooks File Doctor and use the steps to repair damaged QuickBooks data.

Solution 3: Repair Your Company File Manually

After running the Verify Data utility, you can find the data damages in your company file from the Verify Results window. You can fix damaged QuickBooks company file manually by following the below-listed steps:

Note: Backup your company data before getting started with the troubleshooting steps to prevent any data disruption.

  • From the Verify Results window, select Expand All to see all the data damage issues in the QuickBooks company file
  • Now start repairing damaged QuickBooks data issues one by one if you are comfortable to do so.

Need Professional QuickBooks File Repair Service!

If you want to repair damaged QuickBooks data with professional’s assistance, dial our QuickBooks error support helpline number 1.800.579.9430 now.