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How to Record Investment Income in QuickBooks? (Answered)

How to Record Investment Income in QuickBooks

Record Investment income in QuickBooks is the income obtained from investment assets, such as stocks, bonds, loans, mutual funds and other investments. QuickBooks enables you to systematize your transactions and allocate investments by setting up different types of accounts. You can also set up a separate account for investment income in QuickBooks and manage it with other accounts and keep it accurate and up to date. Read this blog until the end to understand how to record investment income in QuickBooks along with standard requirements involved in accomplishing the procedure.

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How to Record an Invest Payment in QuickBooks?

Create Vendor In QuickBooks:

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop application and click Vendors from Expenses
  • Now click New Vendors
  • Enter the vendor name, and you may also provide the name of the contact person
  • Enter the required information and click OK to save the information.

Create An Equity Account To Proceed:

Before you create an equity account, you need to understand how you can divide equity in QuickBooks. A company’s equity equals its assets minus its liabilities. Equity is based on two sources. First, is the investment made by the owners and partners, and the other one is profits and losses made in the business. Let’s check how to create equity account in QuickBooks-

  • Click Charts of Accounts from within the QuickBooks
  • Choose New and open Account Type drop-down list to select Equity
  • Click Details drop-down list and select from Partner’s & Owner’s equity options as the equity is based on different money sources
  • Assign a name for this equity account and finally Save and Close

Select Payment Method & Deposit Amount:

Now that you have created vendor and equity account in QuickBooks deposit, the capital investment funds in the account to complete the final step of record investment income in QuickBooks.

  • Under the Others tab, click + Create icon and select Bank Deposit
  • Now use the Accounts drop-down list to choose the bank account
  • Enter the fund deposit date
  • From New Deposits, enter investor’s name in the Received from area
  • Select the correct account from Accounts drop-down and choose a Payment Method
  • Fill the Amount field with exact figures
  • Click Save and Close to complete the procedure

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The above-described procedure can help you to understand QuickBooks investment money management. However, if you have any queries related to the process, feel free to get in touch with our professionals. Dial our QuickBooks support phone number 1.800.579.9430 and ask experts how to record investment income in QuickBooks without facing technical distress.