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How to fix “TurboTax Error 70001” [2021 Tutorial]

TurboTax Error 70001

TurboTax is software for preparing taxes and filing tax returns. It is a high-end application package that features a user-friendly interface facilitating the users in process of e-filing of taxes. It is mainly segmented towards sole-proprietors, working individuals, and enterprises. But like all robust contemporary applications, there could be technical bugs that arise over and over again, which forces the user to look for solutions for fixing the trouble. In this context, “TurboTax Error 70001” is triggered while a user is working on TurboTax over an unstable internet connection. It might occur as a result of connection troubles, which are happened to fix automatically once the web connection becomes stable when a user is done with the process on which one is working. There could be other factors that contribute to the appearance of the “TurboTax error Message 70001” we will take a closer look at the possible causes and remedies to fix the error in the subsequent topics of our blog.

On the contrary, there is a high probability that the user can resolve the “TurboTax Error 70001” using the solutions which are mentioned in the post. Though, if the error code persists, you could always rely for the best technical help on toll-free number 1.800.579.9430

Causes Behind the “TurboTax Error 70001”

Here is a list of all the possible grounds on which the “TurboTax Error 70001” occurs-

  1. If a user is operating TurboTax on a workstation rather than a PC.
  2. There is a problem with the internet connection or any of the networking hardware.
  3. Security software such as an antivirus or Windows firewall is blocking access to TurboTax.
  4. The user has no suitable permissions to run TurboTax programs or need elevated permissions to open the application.

We have seen all the causes which hinder the working of TurboTax processes and results in the error code “Turbo Tax Error 70001”. In the coming topic, we will see all the best remedies to counter the TurboTax error promptly.

Best Quick Fixes to eradicate the “TurboTax Error 70001”

Solution-1: Checking the Network Connection and hardware

This is the first troubleshooting method that works in most cases of the “TurboTax Error 70001”. 

1.           Go to the ‘Wireless Access Point’ module. Attempt to ‘Log in’ twice. 

2.           ‘Log out’ off the Windows Account. ‘Shut-Down’ PC.

3.           Shut down all other network hardware: Router, Cable Modem, etc, and restart them one by one with a 1-minute break amidst turning on each of them.

4.           When you’re done restarting all the hardware including your PC. ‘Log in’ to TurboTax Desktop.

Solution-2: Open TurboTax on PC

The user is advised not to run TurboTax on a workstation. As the workstations have a well-built firewall which hinders communication of TurboTax online.

Solution-3: Configure Firewall Settings

Verify your firewall and check whether any of these security programs are restricting TurboTax processes from running via the internet.

Solution-4: Run TurboTax as the administrator

Solution-5: Ensure TurboTax is up-to-date

Solution-6: Install TurboTax in Selective startup mode

1.           Close all Windows. Go to ‘Start Menu’. Open ‘Run’ console.

2.           Enter ‘msconfig’ in the search area of the Run console.

3.           A window with the title ‘System Configuration Utility’ will open. Among various tabs, locate the ‘General’ tab, and click on it.

4.           Below the General tab, click on the radio input button ‘Selective Startup.

5.           Below the ‘Selective Startup’ radio, tick the ‘Load Startup Items’ checkbox only.

6.           Go back to tabs, locate the ‘Services’ tab right next to Boot tab.

7.           Below the Services tab, tick the ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’ checkbox. Confirm it by clicking ‘Disable All’

8.           Click ‘OK’. Reboot PC when prompted.

9.           Attempt re-installing TurboTax.

At the end of this post we hope that our endeavor brought to you the best-written content that will empower users to grasp all the information needed to battle the “TurboTax error 70001” promptly. We desire that all the queries are responded to and demands fulfilled all the while. Nonetheless, if you got more to ask, just call on the toll-free number 1.800.579.9430 for the best tech assistance.