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Easy-Fix For “QuickBooks Something’s Not Quite Right” Issue

Easy Fix For “QuickBooks Something’s Not Quite Right” Issue

QuickBooks something’s not quite right” is a common issue in the application that takes place while changing account types. There are certain restrictions and limitations you need to understand to get it accomplished fail-safely. You can face multi-faceted issues while changing the account types in QuickBooks Desktop. Here in this article, we will discuss some important aspects of changing AR/AP account type errors in QuickBooks along with the various instances of the error messages you may receive on the arrival of the error. 

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QuickBooks Something’s Not Quite Right : What Are The Restrictions In Changing The Account Types?

There are several conditions in which you will not be able to change an account type as stated in the below-given list: 

Making Changes To An Automatically Created Account 

You will not be able to change the account type if an account has been created automatically by the application. These account types play their specific roles, such as Inventory Asset, Opening Balance Equity, Payroll expense, Purchase orders or Retained earnings, and various others. To make the required changes, either you need to ensure that the account has been created manually or create a new account. 

Those Accounts Having Sub-Accounts

A parent account and its sub-accounts should always be the same, and you cannot change the sub-account to something different. If you try to do so, you can receive changing Quickbooks Account type error. The error message suggests that this type of change is not allowed in the application. To make changes in the sub-accounts, you need to separate them from the parent account in the first place. If you separate the sub-account from the parent directory, it cannot be undone, so you need to be very sure before making this change. 

(A/R) Account Receivable or (A/P) Account Payable Accounts Type Change

You cannot change the account type for (A/R) Account Receivable or (A/P) Account Payable accounts in QuickBooks at any condition. These accounts serve specific purposes in the QuickBooks application. 

  • Account Receivable is the record of money owed to your business for goods or services; that is, invoices for which your business hasn’t received payment yet.
  • Accounts payable is the money that a business owes, such as unpaid bills and invoices for office supplies, computer equipment, and advertising expenses, and appears on the balance sheet as a liability.

When you try to change these account types in QuickBooks, it will give an error message, “Something not quite right error” on your screen. 

When The Transactions Are Done By The Account Using Cash Or Undeposited Funds Account Type

You might see “Something’s not quite right; you must select an account for this transaction” message when the transactions are done by the account using cash or undeposited funds account type. If you want to change the account time in this scenario. then you need to select and change such transactions in the account to use a different cash account. You can locate such transactions within an account by using the Account quick report. 

Error: QuickBooks Something’s not quite right. Email address already in use

You may also get QuickBooks something’s not quite right error when the email address is used by another user. You can fix the error mainly in three ways as given below: 

  1. Use a different email address to invite the newest user
  2. Reactivate the original user
  3. Edit the existing user’s email

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Still Facing QuickBooks Something’s not Quite right Issue

If you are still getting “QuickBooks something’s while changing account type” error message after following the steps. If have any query related to this error, give us a call on our support phone number (800)-579-9430. You can talk to one of our experts. Get all your queries resolved related to “QuickBooks something’s not quite right” issue.