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All About QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration

QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration

QuickBooks Point Of Sale is one of the most efficient business solutions from Intuit, that can help you manage your business inventory and customers and track business sales. The QB POS solution can be used in single-user mode, as well as can be configured on the network to be utilized by 20 workstations. In this post, we will discuss QuickBooks Point of Sale network configuration and issues that can crop up while using the application in a multi-user environment. Let’s read more!

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Functions Of QBPOS Network Configuration: 

QuickBooks Point Of Sale network configuration not only enables multiple users to work on your company file, but also makes your accounting operations efficient like never before. Below are some main benefits you can reap by configuring QBPOS on the network: 

  • You can create and store your POS file on a secured server
  • It helps you to back up your crucial accounting data so that you can restore and rename it
  • Utilize Data Import Tool to import your data
  • Exchange the company records with QuickBooks Desktop
  • Exchange information with multi-stores
  • You can set up preferences for items and customer ranking

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Configure QuickBooks Point Of Sale On Network

Before you set up multi-user mode in Point of Sale, you need to ensure the below-given points:

  • Make sure that QuickBooks Desktop Point Of Sale is installed on both the server and client workstation 
  • You should also see the Store Exchange Overview before you configure QuickBooks POS on the network 
  • Make sure that the workstation fulfills the system requirements for QuickBooks POS network configuration 

System Requirements For QuickBooks POS Network Configuration

QuickBooks Desktop Point Of Sale on the network can be best utilized with the operating system, such as Vista (as any software is compatible to run on Vista), Windows 7 (Service Pack 2 or later recommended), Windows 8 (Service Pack 1 or later which is “strongly recommended”), and Windows Server 12. Below are some main system requirements for QuickBooks POS network configuration: 

  • Windows Vista or higher operating system
  • Multi-core processor
  • Minimum of 8GB for multi-user and 4GB for single-user.
  • Minimum available disk space of 1GB.
  • 8 GHz processor for multi-user and 4 GHz for single-user.

QuickBooks POS Network Configuration: Single User Mode

When you configure QuickBooks POS on the network for Single User mode, it has only one workstation, which is server workstation. In contrast, a separate user license is purchased for each workstation to run QBPOS on the network. All the workstations are connected in the QuickBooks POS network are configured as per the suggested QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Configuration to allow simultaneous access to the program.

QuickBooks POS Network Configuration: Multi-User Mode

When you configure QB Point of Sale on the network for multi-user mode, it enables 20 simultaneous users to work on the company file. One workstation is a server workstation, and others are the terminal (client) workstations. To perform this procedure: 

  • In the first place, you need to install Point Of Sale on the individual workstation in the network
  • Now, connect the POS workstation peripherals to configure QBPOS network
  • Next, upload the data tables and start the operation to check if the QuickBooks POS is running successfully
  • If it does, then QuickBooks POS network configuration is complete

What Evokes QuickBooks Point of Sale Network Error?

QuickBooks POS network configuration error can take place in some instances, and you may not be able to access the server. Below are some of the apparent reasons that can bring forth QBPOS network configuration error:

  • Multi-user hosting is turned off on the server that you are using 
  • Your Firewall or Internet security settings preventing QuickBooks from accessing the server. To resolve this issue, you need to set QuickBooks Point of Sale Firewall exceptions
  • Various Internet connectivity issues can also promote the error in QB POS
  • When you use a dynamic IP for the IP address
  • Improper configuration of Network Sharing and Windows Administrator Permissions

To resolve the network configuration error in QuickBooks POS, you can directly talk to our QB experts by dialing our helpline number 1.800.579.9430. You can discuss the issue, on connecting with the expert, who will help you with QuickBooks Point Of Sale network configuration.