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Steps That Can Effectively Fix MYOB Error 9004

MYOB Error 9004

MYOB is an accounting software that facilitates you in completing tax, accounting, and other business services. This is a software most often used by small and medium sized enterprises. With its robust features, the software has become a popular name when it comes to serving accounting needs for any industry. However, with all the features and applications, MYOB is prone to errors. One such error that we’ll discuss in this blog is MYOB Error 9004. This blog will uncover the solutions and reasons associated with this error.

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Solutions That Can Help You Fix Error 9004 In MYOB

Following are some of the steps you must try to accurately fix MYOB error 9004. Make sure to follow the steps given below with precision:

  1. You can get this error while opening a datafile. The error becomes visible while opening a data file associated with environmental error. You’re more likely to see this error when you copy the program file to a new computer. Uninstall the current version of MYOB and install the new version. Trying to change file names can also help. Then, install AccountRight onto the computer. Reinstalling AccountRight can resolve this error effectively. To upgrade the AccountRight files, you must open AccountRight and choose Upgrade a Company File. This should help you with the upgrade process.
  2. As you know, this error occurs when MYOB is copied to the computer instead of being installed. When you install MYOB using a setup.exe, the software writes some Registry Entries which can tell MYOB to find some necessary files. Simply, reinstall MYOB to fix this situation.
  3. Keep in mind that even with the new installation of MYOB and AccountRight, you can get this error. When you reinstall AccountRight, you do not have to install it locally to the machine as opposed to installing a program. The download link can be retrieved by logging in using your email and password. After you login, you can move to My Products and then Downloads. Then the latest version of AccountRight will be further down the page as the downloads will show at the top of the downloads page.


MYOB Error 9004 is an easy to resolve error with simple solutions. Make sure to implement the solutions given in this blog carefully. Also, go through the reasons mentioned in this blog as they’ll help you understand this error and its solutions in depth. Randomly trying solutions can lead to wastage of time and might not even be necessary. Hence, choose your solution as per the cause for the error. With this in mind, you can effectively fix this error in no time.

You can contact the MYOB Support if you require professional assistance or support for any MYOB error or issue.